PDF files are now commonly used for both personal and official purposes. Documents look much better in a PDF format than as a simple word doc. However, it is not easy to make changes in a PDF file even if any correction is needed. So, it is best to use an effective software tool to split PDF online and make the necessary changes, like merging data from multiple PDF files.

2PDF.com If a PDF file needs to be merged or split off, 2PDF.com is considered the best online tool for this job. This software is developed with various helpful features, which are convenient for users. The original quality of the PDF file is accurately preserved even after merging or splitting. The page layout and the format of the file are also kept intact while splitting the PDF file with the help of this software.

It can convert PDF files to other formats as required by users. The size of a PDF file can be decreased by compressing the file, maintaining its original quality.  This software will be soon launching some more new features, like introducing a watermark and passwords for the protection of PDF files. Users can merge two PDF files to create a new file or may delete a page, with the help of this software tool.

EasePDF – This software is another great option for splitting PDF files. Users do not need to download this software for making changes to their PDF files. They just need to enter the EasePDF website to extract pages from PDF files and create a new file maintaining exactly the same quality.

Thus, it saves downloading time and storage space in the computer hard drive. People can also make changes in the text of a PDF file and they can increase the size of words for accurate editing. The order of the pages of a PDF file can be rearranged and the pages can be rotated on this site. Users only need to upload their PDF files and select the functions as per their requirements.

PDF Split and Merge – This software tool aims at splitting and merging PDF files only and no other function, unlike other tools designed for the same purpose. Hence, it is easier for novices to handle this simple software for remodeling their PDF files.

Since it is an online operation, users do not need to download the software. They can upload a maximum of 100 PDF files at a time here, to split or merge these files. The files are split or merged within a few minutes after selecting an option.

These 3 are known as the best tools for splitting PDF files even though there are more software tools for this function.