It is possible to watch CBS All Access on your Samsung Smart TV. Learn how to sign-up to download, install and begin streaming CBS All Access using your Samsung Smart TV. Find out how you can make the most the features of the features of your Samsung Smart TV while using CBS All Access.

CBS All Access is an online streaming service that allows you to stream your most-loved movies and shows including the upcoming Star Trek: Picard as well as the relaunch of The Twilight Zone. If you own a Samsung TV you can use the official CBS All Access app from the app store. There are two methods to authenticate your account and we’ve got all the instructions for you below. This is how you can download and then activate your account!

 What is CBS Access? 

CBS All Access is CBS’s exclusive streaming service. You can stream your most loved CBS shows and also come with original programming to take a look at, including The Twilight Zone and Star Trek: Discovery. Every subscription includes the option of watching on two screens, and if it is upgraded to the No commercial subscription, you will also be able to download shows to enjoy in Offline Mode.

Apart from your most-loved films and shows being classified on their site and app, you will also be able to find Live TV options when you log into your account. Each two weeks CBS update the Live TV schedule to allow you to stream shows such as Big Brother as they start airing!

The features that are part of CBS All Access

There are many other options to consider as good reasons to test CBS All Access:

  • Live CBS Sports
  • Two streams at a time
  • 1080p video quality
  • Films and shows from the past
  • Around 10,000 episodes
  • Parental controls
  • 7-day trial for free
  • Simple casting from Apple devices onto Apple TV
  • Offline viewing of as high as 99 gadgets
  • No advertisements on commercial-free subscriptions
  • Live TV
  • Voice command using Amazon Alexa or Google Smart Home devices

CBS All Access Subscriptions plans

There are two base plans of subscription to sign up to CBS All Access:

Limited commercials plan

$5.99 each month with advertisements

Commercial Free Plan

$9.99 monthly without ads. You can download up to 25 episodes to watch offline. However, there are ” interruptions for promotional purposes “.

15% off on annual subscriptions and a 7-day trial for free for both subscription plans.

How do I sign up to be a subscriber for CBS All Access?

Follow the steps given to register for CBS All Access.

  1. Go to from any web browser.
  2. Pick the plan you like.
  3. Enter the details asked.
  4. And click to sign up.
  5. Now you can enjoy watching CBS All Access.

How to login CBS on Samsung TV using the code?

In activating CBS All Access by connecting the appropriate device, your phone is transformed into a remote for accessing CBS All Access.

  1. Go to Settings on your Samsung Smart TV.
  2. Click on the option to sign in using a code.
  3. Visit on your browser.
  4. Enter the activation code you received on the TV screen to your web browser’s page.
  5. Tap Confirm.

How to Activate CBS on Samsung TV?

Note: We’re unable to offer an access URL for this Samsung TV store, but all you need to do is look up CBS on the app store, and then download the app to access it!

  1. Get your CBS All Access app from the Samsung app store. It’s free!
  2. Launch CBS App on Samsung TV.
  3. Choose Settings from the upper right-hand side of your screen.
  4. Here you have the option of signing in manually or using the help of a code.
  5. If you would like to sign by hand, enter your username and password and then press enter.
  6. If you want to sign in with a code visit on your browser.
  7. Enter the code that is provided in the CBS All Access app on the activation page and click confirm.

Here’s the solution! If you’re signing into your account manually or using the help of a code that you have entered, this is the way to gain the access you need to log into your CBS All Access account on the Samsung TV.