Yes, it is possible to see all CONtv has to offer directly on your Vizio TV. For the fanatic in you, it provides a large selection of cult classic movies, comic comics, and other related media.

  • ConTV (starting at $8/month @ ConTV) is not a thief.
  • The Vizio M-Series TV (opens in a new tab) (starting at $548 on Amazon) is the 4K television of your dreams.

Activate CONtv on Vizio using

  • Open CONtv app on your Vizio Smart TV.
  • Get the code from TV screen.
  • Visit from web browser.
  • Enter the activation code.
  • Login or Signup for CONtv account.
  • Start watching CONtv content on Vizio TV. gives you access to anything you could ever want, including comic books, movies, and television series, all at the touch of a button. Because the application is built into your Vizio TV, you may use it to watch it directly on the screen of your television. The application is offered to users at no cost; however, there are some features of the app that can only be accessed by paying for the associated service. You will be required to see advertisements whenever you are watching a programme or reading a comic, and some shows will be unavailable to you.

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You will be able to watch all of the movies and read all of the comics in their app libraries if you subscribe to their Premium service. You will not have to deal with any advertisements, and you will get access to both live TV and programmes that are available On Demand. If this is the kind of thing that piques your curiosity, you should consider subscribing to the Premium plan, which can be purchased in either a three-month or an annual subscription bundle.

How to get inside the application on Vizio?

To launch programs on the SmartCast TV, simply press the input button and select the input ‘SmartCast. Press the V key or Home key in the middle of the remote. At present, the accessible apps are listed within the App Row in SmartCast Home. There is no need to download apps.

  • To access the huge V button on your remote, press the button once.
  • Choose the Widgets menu option on your TV.
  • Conduct a search for ConTV.
  • Just click the Install App button.
  • After you have logged into your ConTV profile, you may begin streaming.
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Since you are now signed in and ready to go, you can begin to enjoy old movies or comic books directly on the large screen of your home theater system. Whether or not your smartphone supports the Premium edition of this app, you and your friends will still be able to take advantage of all that it has to offer. This is a wonderful and inexpensive method to get started viewing any and all cult classics that your heart could ever want.


This is an excellent choice for you if you are interested in reading comic books like Star Trek or watching movies like Heavenly Sword. Even if you have to pay in order to access some programmes and get rid of the advertisements, this is still an affordable alternative for anybody who likes comic books or B-movies.

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Vizio M-Series TV

The stunning 4K screen that you have is the ideal method to watch all of your movies and flicks with visuals that are clean and undistorted. When you add the SmartCast option for all of your streaming requirements, you will have everything you need to begin viewing the very finest movies that are currently available.