The users of the top entertainment service EPIX can immediately access the most popular TV shows, films and a variety of original programming. Roku, Fire TV, Apple TV, Xbox, and PS4 are only a handful of platforms on which EPIX is available. This article will explain how to activate streaming services on the platforms mentioned. 


It is necessary to sign up to create an account and then log in with your provider to activate EPIX for with epix.com/devices using activation code. After creating an account on your device, you can download the EPIX application, login with TV cable provider with username & password and enjoy your favorite shows and movies. 

While EPIX has premium content, its users require a modest fee. This is the reason it’s steadily increasing its recognition. Compared to other streaming services, EPIX comes at a low cost, which won’t burden your budget.

If you’re already a subscriber to EPIX, the following are steps to activate it on your preferred streaming device. If you still need to get signed up for it, it’s time to consider it.

How to activate EPIX on Roku?

Streaming your favorite TV channel is easy and cost-effective because of Roku. If you want to streamline your setup, upgrade the expensive cable equipment and stream only what you’d like to while saving money, you can use Roku. Roku appliance is the central point to stream all your entertainment. 

  1. Click “Home” or the “Home” button on your following remote, switching off the Roku device. 
  2. To open your Roku channels store, click “Streaming Channels.” 
  3. To set up the “EPIX Now” channel, click on the “EPIX Now” channel, do an online search, then select “Add Channel.” 
  4. Select “Activate” on the initial page. If you don’t find it there, you can press watch on any content page, and it will show up. 
  5. Follow the instructions on display. Be sure to note the code provided. 
  6. While performing these steps, you must stay on the activation page until the setting is complete. 
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How to activate EPIX on Fire TV?

Enjoy your leisure time as straightforwardly as you can. Accessing and streaming all your favorite shows, movies, sports and other programming is easy using Fire TV. 

Steps to enable EPIX for Fire TV 

If you’re on the Fire TV main screen, select “search” on your main screen. You will see it on the left-hand side of the screen. 

  1. Find EPIX Now and select the application from the results list. 
  2. Go back to the main screen. Click on the EPIX application, and then select “Get” to download and install the “Get” option to install and download app. 
  3. If you first click watch on any content page, it will open at random or need you to click Activate from the screen that opens. 
  4. There will be instructions on what you need to be required on the screen. Keep a note of the code that is provided. 
  5. Go to https://www.epix.com/devices and then enter the code. 
  6. Choose your TV cable Provider then login with username & password.
  7. Read and follow the instructions on the screen for the complete activation procedure. When you finish the steps mentioned above, remain on the activated page until the setting is complete. 
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When you have Apple TV HD, you have access to all your preferred Apple services and top-quality films, programs and live sports. Use Siri Remote (2nd Generation) Siri Remote (2nd Generation) to manage all your live channels on YouTube, Sling, and other services, including content from service providers like EPIX. 

How to activate EPIX on Xbox?

There’s nothing to miss on Xbox since it includes all the top applications in one place, including TV, movies, music, sports, and more. You can access thousands of films through the EPIX app for Xbox. 

Steps to enable EPIX on your Xbox 

  1. Connect your Xbox. Make sure that the Xbox is online. 
  2. Go to the Microsoft Store, search for the EPIX Now app, and download it. 
  3. Launch the app. Select a film or TV show in the app.
  4. An alert should be displayed on the screen informing you of an activation code. 
  5. Utilizing a PC or work area program, go to epix.com/devices, sign in with your television specialist co-op, and click on Xbox as your streaming gadget. 
  6. Take the 6-digit code and then input it into the prompt box, asking you for your code. 
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How to activate EPIX on PS4?

A TV & Video tab of the Play Station 4 console’s user interface combines a variety of paid and free streaming services together in one spot that lets you quickly search for and start the latest movies, shows and other programming suggestions. Like the Xbox model, the PS4 frees users from gaming and unwind with movies or two.

Here’s how to enable EPIX on your PS4 

  1. Switch off the PS4, and then connect to the Internet if you still need it. 
  2. Visit and click on the Store Button, which you will be able to see on your home screen. 
  3. Search the icon in the upper left corner of the screen and enter “EPIX”.
  4. The EPIX icon for the application will appear to the left. 
  5. Click on the picture to download it, and afterward, introduce it. 
  6. Refresh your home screen, and then open the app. 
  7. Selecting a film to watch requires an activated code. Log in using your TV provider at epixnow.com/activate
  8. Choosing PS4 as your device to stream the web page should give you an activation key.
  9. Go back to your Play Station system to activate the app and enter the code.