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How do I Sign into Amazon Prime Video on my TV? login

Most of people binge-watch movies and shows on various entertainment platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hotstar, and Hotstar. Many people live in the digital age. They all have smart TVs and enjoy watching their favorite show or movie on large screens. Amazon Prime is full of incredible films and shows you can watch all day. But, signing into your smart TV via the app is complicated. login

What is Amazon Prime Video, and How Does It Work?

Amazon Prime Video subscriptions are paid subscription that allows you to access a range of services such as free, fast delivery, and unlimited video streaming. You also have exclusive access to Amazon Prime Video offers. Amazon Prime’s membership video-on-demand service. It allows its subscribers to stream total movies and TV shows. Amazon Prime members have free access to all the Prime Video content.

Follow these easy steps to sign up for your Amazon prime account using your smart TV.

First, turn on the Smart TV. On the homepage, click on your Amazon Prime App. Or, if it isn’t there, you can download it from either your app store or your Google Play Store. Open the app now and go to sign in. Now, you will receive a code. Visit the with the activation code on your laptop or smartphone. Click on the enter button to enter the code. You will get a notification on the TV. Enjoy binge-watching your favorite shows.

  1. Download the app from the App or Play Store.
  2. Start the Amazon Prime app.
  3. Next, click on the Sign in option.
  4. Now, you will get a code on the Smart TV.
  5. Go directly to the site listed on the screen. i.e.,
  6. Type is in the code.
  7. Select the go’ or enter’ option.
  8. Soon, the notification will be sent to your TV.
  9. Enjoy watching TV and other shows.
  10. Amazon Video provides downloads.

Amazon Video allows you to rent, buy, and access the subscription-covered content of Amazon Prime Video.

  1. Go to the content and hit the “Download” button.
  2. Register Amazon Prime Video on your Android TV.
  3. Use the remote included with the Internet device and press the Home key.
  4. Choose the Amazon Video icon from the Featured app section.
  5. Register on using the Amazon Video App
  6. Login using an active email address. Password or click Create Amazon Account.

Why can’t Amazon Prime on my TV work?

Don’t be alarmed if Amazon Prime is not working on your TV. There are many ways to contact them for help with connection issues. As an intelligent user, you may also try the following troubleshooting tips:

  1. You can fix the login issue by long pressing the power button of your TV remote.
  2. Second, you can unplug TV power cables and allow them to remain unplugged for at least one minute. Next, switch on your TV and see if there is any issue.
  3. Still no solution? Not a problem. Next, disconnect all cables from the router, modem, and Wi-Fi. Next, connect.
  4. Navigate to the network settings, and then reset all settings.
  5. If the steps mentioned above fail to help, then you will have to perform the factory reset.
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