How to Activate Acorn TV on Roku?

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In the world of online streaming and its allied services, ROKU is a master in its trade. Hailed as one of the biggest and best digital entertainment platforms Roku com link is a treasure trove for entertainment enthusiasts. Truly, it is here that the substance of selecting the right channel becomes significant with the quality of the leisure offered. Rightly, the below information will help you with the set-up of Activate Acorn TV on Roku and the linking of the ROKU account.

Channels like Netflix, HULU etc might have all the demand, but there is a hidden gem offering a deep pool of rich-verity. Significantly, Acorn TV has the right content which will make you sit at the tip each time their programs are on. Correctly with the exact mix of entertainment, information and an overall acceptability this UK based channel won’t let your trust down. Clearly, Roku with Acorn-TV is the fine choice for you if you are a devoted fan of relaxed entertainment.

Creating and Activate Acorn TV Account on Roku:

The great content by the Acorn TV and the excellent service base by ROKU give this union a strong foundation. Interestingly, without a doubt this proves that Acorn TV is an asset to your Roku account. And with that, without adieu let us see how we can set-up a Roku Acorn TV Account for us to get all the goodness in fun.

Adding the Acorn TV Channel

  • Firstly access your device and then open your personal Roku account
  • After that with the help of your Roku com link account go to the ROKU Channel Store/Play Store
  • Then go to the section that is labeled as ‘Movies and TV’ on your screen
  • At this time, search for ‘Acorn TV’ after entering the channel name in the search bar.
  • Alternatively you can select the Channel Icon if it’s already displayed on the choices list visible under step 3.
  • Later select the Channel Icon for the Acorn TV and click ‘Add Channel’ (or something in a similar wording).

Making the Subscription Decision:
After the above steps are completed, you can now move next to the subscription section. Also, to do that you can choose one of the either from the give two alternatives

Existing User:

This option is applicable if you are an existing user with the Acorn TV Channel. To access your account, log in with the previously registered credentials and continue to enjoy the channel.

New Customer:

For a new client, you will have to go for this option. Interestingly, before you commit to a full subscription you can enjoy a trial view the channel absolutely free of cost. After this free trial of 7 days, you can go ahead with the subscription payment.


Using the ROKU services through your registered Roku account you can now finally make your ROKU Acorn TV payment.

Finishing the setup of the Acorn TV Channel

  • After the channel subscription payment is gone through, you will get a greeting message. This is to indicate that the channel is added to your account.
  • Finally the Acorn TV Account is all yours for you to have a great fulfilling time of relaxing enjoyment.

What all verity in programs can we expect from the Acorn TV Channel?

  • Doc Martin
  • Midsomer Murders
  • Monroe
  • Playing Shakespeare
  • The Clinic
  • Loch Ness
  • Etc. etc…

Definitely, the above motioned list is just an example. In-fact, a rich list of unmatched entertainment awaits you on your journey with Acorn TV.

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