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How to Activate Discovery Plus on Samsung TV?

Discovery plus on samsung tv

Discover Plus is Discovery’s own OTT platform that lets you access on-demand content, including original shows, documentaries, videos from Discovery Channel, and many more. Like Hotstar, Discovery+ comes with both free and premium content. You can stream certain shows at no cost without having an active subscription, but with advertisements. 

Discovery plus on samsung tv

Discovery Plus is available on every platform, including Samsung Smart TV, a handful of gaming consoles and more. In this post, let’s look at how to enable Discovery Plus on Samsung TV. Once it’s activated, you’ll be able to begin watching content from Discovery Plus right on your Samsung TV. Thus, without wasting time, let’s get into it.

What exactly is Discovery Plus? 

Discovery Plus is a fantastic streaming platform that has recently attracted many consumers. Samsung Smart TV owners can now watch Discovery Plus on their TV screens. This article will show you ways to install this Discovery Plus app on a Samsung Smart TV. 

Unlimited TV shows, episodes, documentaries, short video originals, and more are all available on Discovery Plus and culinary and leisure resources. The app supports various languages, including animals, science, space and nature. Discovery Plus is presently only available on small amount different devices. Samsung Smart TV 2017 model and beyond Samsung Smart TV 2017 model and beyond supports Discovery Plus. Discovery Plus app. 

How to Get Discovery Plus on the Samsung Smart TV? 

Remember the fact that Discovery+ is compatible with Samsung TVs that were made in 2017 or after. We don’t yet have a list of TV models that are supported. But we’re hoping the application will be available across various TVs, including newer models. This is how to begin. 

Make sure you join Discovery Plus via Click on the link, and click ‘ Start Free Trial to begin the registration process. You’ll need to select the subscription plan, create an account, and enter the billing information. After that, go back to the Samsung TV. 

Through the TV’s Home screen (Smart Hub), navigate to ‘ Apps.’ After that, you can use the search box to look up Discovery Plus. Click on your icon of the app’s icon to reveal more information. 

To install the app on your TV, choose ‘ Add to Home.’ After a short time, the app will be downloaded and installed on your Samsung TV.

Open Discovery Plus app and log in by following the prompts displayed on the screen. You will see an activation code from TV screen. head to using web browser. Enter the code.

How to Get Discovery Plus on the Sony Smart TV (Android TV)?

Discovery Plus is available for Android television models (version 5.0 or later) for Sony televisions. Be sure to access the Google Play Store, as that’s how you can learn about Discovery Plus on Sony TVs, as described below.

We suggest buying a Discovery+ subscription before installing the application. Follow the link provided to access the streaming platform’s website, where you can sign up by clicking ‘ Start Free Trial.‘ Pick a subscription, register an account and pay for the subscription. 

Return your Sony TV. Find your Google Play Store and then click on the icon. You can then use the Search bar at the top of your screen to search for ” Discovery Plus.” Choose the app’s icon when it is displayed in the results for your search. This will open the app’s overview. 

Based on the Android television version, click ‘ Install‘ or ‘ Get.’

Once the app is set to be used, you can start it. Sign in to your newly-created Discovery Plus subscription by following the steps on the screen.

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