February 24, 2024

How to Activate Peacock on Xfinity Flex and X1?

Visit https://www.peacocktv.com/xfinity from web browser. Select login with Xfinity from TV service provider. Fill your Xfinity login account credentials and star watching Peacock TV on Xfinity.


Peacock joins a market already saturated with streaming services. Peacock TV, operated by NBC, provides access to many of Universal’s most successful films and television series. This service, like its rivals, offers a free tier with access to hundreds of hours of content, including TV shows and movies.

Why Choose Peacock Premium?

Peacock Premium and Peacock Premium Plus fill that need, however fans of series like Below Deck may be disappointed. You may have access to several additional features in the paid premium edition. However, activating or logging in with the premium account of the Peacock app is very difficult for many Xfinity Flex and Xfinity X1 customers.

This is, then, the point of our visit. In any case, whether we’re discussing the steps involved in accessing the Peacock app on your Xfinity Flex or Xfinity X1, you may relax now that we’ve laid them out for you. Therefore, all you have to do is adhere to them in sequential order. Let’s go right into it immediately, without wasting any more time.

Peacock App Activation and Login Instructions for Xfinity Flex and X1

It’s common knowledge that at this point, anybody can watch Peacock TV on peacocktv.com/tv, whether they’re a paying subscriber or not. If you use Xfinity Flex or Xfinity X1, however, you may log in with simply your email address. You’ll never be bored with Peacock since it has over 15,000 hours of material including movies, TV series, cartoons, and more. But if you want to watch without interruptions, you’ll need to subscribe to premium plus. Let’s check out the procedure for enabling the Peacock app and signing in on Xfinity Flex and Xfinity X1.

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Step 1: Download the Peacock App

You must first have the proper app loaded on your Xfinity device before you can log in. Here are the measures you need take to do this:

  • Initiate the process by pressing the Xfinity button on your Xfinity Voice Remote.
  • Then, hit the right arrow to see the applications list.
  • Next, use the arrow keys once more to summon Peacock.

Step 2: Create a Peacock Account for Yourself

When you are ready to begin using the appropriate software, you will be prompted to enter your Peacock credentials. But if you don’t have an account already, you’ll need to make one. In the meanwhile, here’s how to set up your Peacock account:

  • A valid email address is required to begin the process. As a result, your email address is required. Additionally, you may utilise the Activate on Your Phone option if you like.
  • Next, enter your email address and press OK on X1 or Flex. Then, I’d make up an email address for you at Comcast. To confirm your choice, please click the “Ok” button. If you’d rather use a different address, you may click the down arrow and choose the Enter new email option.
  • After that, use the remote’s directional buttons to bring up a virtual keyboard and type in a new email address. The next step is to choose OK after using the down arrow to go to Continue.
  • In any case, that’s all there is to it. A popup will now appear to confirm that you have been granted access to Peacock Premium. After that, the Peacock’s main menu will load. In addition, a popup will go up and ask whether or not you wish to share your Peacock watch history.
  • Here, click the Peacock Can Share button. You’ll have an easier time picking up where you left off in a previously watched film. But that’s not all; it’ll also provide programme recommendations according to your tastes.
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This concludes the discussion. In case you’d rather keep your viewing habits to yourself, go to the app’s preferences. Then, go to Privacy and from there to Third-party app watch history, where you should click and then choose the option to not allow Peacock to share.

Step 3: Check the Peacock App’s Who’s Watching Screen (Profiles)

After signing in to your Peacock account on your Xfinity Flex or X1, you will be prompted to choose a profile for each user who will be using the service. You may invite other members of your household to this account so they can use it to access the same movies and TV series you do. Here are the necessary procedures:

  • The Who’s Watching panel will first load following a successful login. As a result, if you want to make a profile, you’ll have to go to the New Profile menu option.
  • The left and right arrow keys on your voice remote will take you to the avatar selection screen.
  • Now it’ll ask you several questions; answer them in the affirmative, or skip them altogether, depending on what you require.
  • Then, give your new profile a name and click the option labelled “Done.”
  • Soon, once again, the viewer will be asked Who is monitoring the TV. You may now continue to watch your preferred episodes, movies, etc. by selecting your profile.
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All throughout the globe, people are using this streaming service. You should give this a go, however, if you like the hit movies and television series produced by NBC Universal. However, I would recommend trying the free versions first, and if you like them, upgrading to the premium plus membership to access the additional premium material.

So that’s all from us on how to activate Peacock on Xfinity Flex and Xfinity X1. We hope this tutorial has been useful to you.


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