How to Activate Pluto TV on Roku?

How To Pluto TV Roku

Activating Pluto TV on your Roku device and the service offers about 100 video streams and the best part is that no activation fee is required for linking your device. And watching TV on Roku player is one the best experience ever, you can stream unlimited shows, TVs & entertainment, Movies, music and streaming channels etc. Now, Roku device presenting a new streaming service “Pluto TV” on Roku channel store.

Further, Pluto TV channel has more than hundreds live TV programs, you just have to link this channel to your Roku player. Follow the below guidance to activating the PlutoTV at

Enter Pluto TV Activation Code into

Basically, check your Roku model
The first step is you have to do check your firmware version. This is an important step to activate Pluto TV to your Roku player. Check your device model number by following steps:

Go to your Roku Home screen
Now, move to the Settings section by using your Roku remote.

Select the System option and hit the right arrow on your screen. You will get your current version on your TV screen.

Note: You can install the pluto TV to your roku 3, Roku 4 or Roku streaming stick etc. The users can not activate Pluto TV if they are using Latest Roku models such as Roku HD 2500X and Roku SD and HD –XR etc.

Install Pluto TV on your Roku device
The channel is easily available on supported Roku devices. The users can find the channel through Settings options. Simply, go to the Settings menu and choose the “Display and lights” section. Get Pluto activation code and enter the code into account

There you can see a “Cast screen” option, this is the main settings you have to reach, now enter your Roku device model to activate pluto TV.

If Your Roku device does not show on screen
In case, when you cannot able to see your Roku device on “cast screen” option then you can activate your wireless display. The wireless display will automatically connect your Roku player to your Android device. Rather, you can do this process by enabling screen mirroring option.

Now, Check for the newest version
The users should have the latest version of Pluto TV’s app, this might be possible when you have the latest version of your Roku player. So you can update your Roku TV version by visiting your “settings” menu then click on “update” option.

Watch Free Online TV & Movies On PlutoTV:
Once you have updated your Roku TV, now just add Pluto television channel. It will automatically activate your Roku player. Now please enjoy thousands of content on Roku TV. In addition, when you need any of your Roku channel activation guidance, as long as you need to contact us, we will always provide a useful service for you.

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