April 23, 2024

How to Activate TiVo on your Device?

We suggest you activate your TiVo service in the first step of the installation process. Visit our TiVo Agreement for Service to read the terms and conditions of our Service before activating your TiVo service.

tivo com activate

You can activate your TiVo DVR at tivo.com/activate or add this gadget to your current client account at www.tivo.com/manage. Assuming that you can’t start utilizing My Record, Contact TiVo Backing. Be sure to have your 15-digit TiVo Service number on hand. 

How do I activate the TiVo on your TV

When purchasing a device or activating it with one or all the TiVo Service Plans, ensure that the Service has activated the device. 

  1. This device has been inactive through the AIP service. 
  2. You must get authorization to transfer the gadget’s ownership to the seller. 
  3. Once the authorization to transfer is granted, you can Contact TiVo’s Customer Service via Chat and request an ownership transfer. 
  4. Give the 15-digit TiVo Service number to the agent who will chat with you. 
  5. It is in use with the Monthly/Annual Service. 
  6. Verify with the seller to confirm if the Service is still in operation. 
  7. If the Service remains in use, inform the seller to stop the Service. This will prevent any issues with activating the device to your account. 
  8. The device isn’t operational and does not have a service
  9. For existing customers, log into My Account
  10. The device should be activated by selecting your preferred plan. Check out TiVo’s Service Plans and Policy for extra plan information. 
  11. Adhere to the directions on the screen to complete the method.

TiVo the stream 4K: The simple method 

The easiest way to remove TiVo functions from the TiVo Stream 4K model is to deactivate a small number of preloaded apps from the settings menu. This won’t prevent TiVo from running other applications in the background, but it’s simple to remove should you decide to add TiVo’s features back in the future. 

  1. Navigate to Settings, Apps, and choose “See the entire apps. 
  2. Scroll down, then click TiVo Scroll down, click on TiVo, select “Disable,” and hit “Yes” to confirm. 
  3. Go back to the All Apps menu and click “Show System Apps” at the lower left. 
  4. Scroll down, and then click TiVo Plus Player. Then, select “Disable” and hit “Yes” to confirm. 
  5. Return to the system apps menu and find com.tivo.tv launcher customization. Select it, click “Disable,” then hit “Yes” to confirm. 
  6. You can remove other preloaded apps, such as CBS All Access and Pandora. Choose these apps in the “all apps” menu and click “Uninstall. 
  7. In the main screen, locate TiVo’s “Recommended” row. Scroll left until you can see the button with a minus, and press it to end the final sign that TiVo is present.

Reboot your device by going into Settings, Device Preferences and then clicking “Restart.”

The TiVo Stream 4K should appear like an ordinary Android TV, but the remote’s TiVo the Guide, I info the Skip, Live, and TiVo buttons won’t respond. (We’ll discuss remapping these buttons in the following section.) To restore TiVo’s functionality, go to Settings > Applications > Check all apps. Then, re-enable everything listed in the “Disabled apps” list.


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