February 24, 2024

How to Activate Viki on Roku using viki.com/roku?

Viki on Roku provides no limits for entertainment which is excellent. You can stream worldwide channels all in one place with Viki. You can stream movies, TV shows, documentaries, and more. The streaming service provides free and paid versions. You can use this service through the app and on the internet. Through its paid subscription, you can access HD content with no advertisements. It is constantly expanding its selection of Asian dramas and series. 


How do I add Viki Channel on Roku? 

The setup of the Viki channel to Roku is easy. A dedicated channel supports it via the Roku Channel Store, and the steps are as follows. 

  1. The Roku Homepage will be displayed. Roku homepage when you’re Roku has been connected to the TV with Wi-Fi. 
  2. Select to open the option to stream channels option on the main menu 
  3. Click on the search Channels button on your left side. 
  4. Find Viki and select the same from the suggested options below. 
  5. Click on the “Add Channel button to go directly to the Viki application’s page for information. 
  6. Allow the installation to be completed, and press the “OK” button. 
  7. Select the next, and click the button to open the Viki application. 
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Another Method of Adding Viki on Roku 

You can download channels from Roku easily through the Roku Mobile application. 

  1. Install the Roku application for the device you own, be it an Android device or an iOS device. 
  2. Then, you can launch the Roku app following installation. 
  3. Use your Roku account details to log into your account. 
  4. After that, click then on then the device tab at the top of the screen. 
  5. Choose the Roku gadget, which will appear on display. 
  6. Once your Roku device has been connected to your Roku app, you can select Channels from the channel tab. 
  7. Then, click next, and click on the Store tab. Store tab. 
  8. Find Viki. Viki application. Then, select download the Viki app from the results. 
  9. Click” Add Channel” by clicking the “Add Channel button, and the Viki app will be added to Roku within 24 hours. 
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Tips; You can immediately change the settings on Roku to have your Viki application added to the channel’s list.

How to activate Viki on Roku?

You must create an account on the Viki account to start the service. Follow these easy steps. 

  1. Start Viki app on Roku. Viki app on Roku You will be provided with an activation number. If not, click the Login in or Sign In button to create the activation number. 
  2. Note down the activation code, as displayed by Roku. 
  3. Visit viki.com/roku from your phone or PC browser. 
  4. Click the “Create Account” button in the upper-right corner. Enter an email address and password—G-mail and the password to establish an account. 
  5. If your account is already set up, click the Login link to log in using your current account. 
  6. If you are prompted, type in an activation code. Then, you will see the Viki website on your TV screen when activation has been successful. 
  7. Select a film or show from the library of content collection and stream the show on Roku. 
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Subscription plans of Viki on Roku 

It is possible to access Viki for free. Viki platform at no cost. However, ads will be shown during your stream. You must buy a Viki Pass at $4.99 per month to get rid of advertisements. To subscribe to Viki Pass, visit viki.com/roku.


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