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How to Activate XClass TV on Any Device?

TV gives you all the fun of watching TV but none of the hassle. You’re welcomed with a home screen that groups together your favorite applications and services. Pick up where you left off with your recently viewed shows and receive suggestions based on what you watch. Get unlimited access to hundreds of movies and TV series. XClass TV is lightning quick, extremely easy to use, and personalized for you, which means less waiting, less searching, and more delight.

Easy Steps to Activate XClass TV using

  • Launch the XClass TV on your device.
  • You will see 6-digit code on TV screen.
  • Go to using any web browser.
  • Enter the 6-digit activation code from TV screen.
  • Click Continue

What is the best way to connect my cable TV box to my XClass TV?

When you switch on your TV for the first time, you’ll be requested to connect external devices. You may use this option to connect your cable TV box to your TV through HDMI.

How can I connect my television antenna to my XClass television?

You may view live broadcast channels on your XClass TV if you have a TV antenna. If you have an antenna, you will be requested to connect it when you first switch on your TV. If you choose this option, you will get step-by-step instructions on your television screen.

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To subsequently attach an antenna:

  • Connect your antenna to the ANT/Cable connector on your television.
  • For the best signal, follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for antenna placement.
  • Turn on your television and hit the home button on your remote.
  • Follow the on-screen prompts, then click Scan for channels.
  • Wait for your TV to search for channels, which may take several minutes.
  • When the channel scan is complete, the number of channels added will be shown.
  • Continue should be selected.

How can I get the mobile app to work?

When you initially use the app, you’ll be given step-by-step instructions on how to link your mobile device with your TV. If you subsequently decide to couple a mobile device, just navigate to Settings > Device settings > XClass TV app on your TV.

Please keep in mind that you will not be able to pair your mobile device to your TV if your TV is not connected to the Internet and is not on the same network as your mobile device.

When you pick the TV with which you want to link, your TV will show a pairing code. To finish the pairing procedure, enter the pairing code into the app.

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How do I set up my XClass TV?

First, connect your TV to a power outlet. Next, ensure that you have two AAA batteries in your voice remote (they should come with your TV). Then, to begin, turn on your television.

With on-screen instructions, your TV will walk you through the remainder of the setup procedure. When you’re finished, you’ll be sent back to the main screen.

If you want to connect your TV to the Internet (which is highly recommended), you’ll need:

  • OR an Ethernet cable and your WiFi network name (SSID).
  • You will need a mobile device, computer, or tablet to establish or login in to your XClass TV account.
  • If you want to make purchases on your TV, you’ll need a payment method.

After you’ve configured your TV, you’ll be taken to the home screen.

How can I later connect my TV through WiFi?

  • Navigate to Settings > Network > Select a network on your TV.
  • From the list of accessible networks, choose the name of your WiFi network.
  • If you don’t see or can’t find your WiFi network name (SSID), select Join another network and input it.
  • Type in your WiFi password

Your WiFi network name and password will be the same as the ones you use to connect other devices like a phone or computer.

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How can I later connect my TV with an Ethernet cable?

  • Connect one end of your Ethernet cable to the LAN TV port on your television.
  • Connect the other end of your Ethernet cable to the LAN port on your modem or router.
  • On your TV, go to Settings > Network > Connect with Ethernet.

What can I see?

With XClass TV, you can watch movies, TV series, music, and even live channels from applications such as Netflix, Hulu, Prime Video, Disney+, Peacock, and others. You may also connect any of your favorite gadgets through HDMI, or watch live broadcast TV using an antenna.

Are there any free movies or television shows?

Yes! XClass TV includes over 10,000 free episodes and movies from applications like XUMO, Tubi, and Pluto. Customers who register an XClass TV account and a Peacock account will get 12 months of Peacock Premium for free (a $59.88 value). There are eligibility requirements and conditions in place.

If you have an antenna for watching live broadcast television, you may connect it to your TV and view free movies and TV series depending on your area.


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