How to Cancel HBO Max Subscription?

Stopping your HBO Max subscription is a breeze when you do it online. To terminate your HBO Max subscription online, go to your profile page, choose “Subscription,” then “Manage Subscription,” and finally “Cancel Subscription.” Keep reading to find out how to terminate your HBO Max subscription using the HBO Go mobile app, Hulu, or your cable company.

Cancel HBO Max Subscription

Streaming services like HBO Max are popular because they provide access to popular HBO shows like Starstruck and Made for Love. A monthly subscription fee of $14.99 is required to access the service. The price is reasonable when you consider all the content available, including many movies and TV shows and some recent releases that are not available anywhere online for streaming. On the other hand, you might decide that the membership is no longer worth the cost or that your interest has waned and you cancel it.

If you want to know how to terminate your HBO Max subscription, read on. In this piece, you’ll get a comprehensive breakdown of every action involved.

How to Cancel HBO Max on the Website?

Accessing the HBO Max website from your PC or laptop is one of the simplest methods to terminate your subscription. Your monthly membership will automatically renew each month at the $14.99 rate. Price-wise, it’s the same as the previous iteration of HBO Now. Using this plan, your whole group of five may use the service at once while yet maintaining individual accounts.

It’s a package bargain that seems too good to pass up. Even so, if you change your mind about your HBO Max subscription, you may do so quickly and simply from any computer, tablet, or smartphone running the HBO Go app, including PCs, Macs, iPads, iPhones, and Android devices. Here are the actions you need to take to terminate your subscription:

  • Access your HBO Max profile by visiting the service’s official website.
  • After signing in, choose your name from the menu at the top right of the screen.
  • To subscribe, choose that option from the menu that appears.
  • The “Manage Subscription” option is located in the screen’s left-hand corner.
  • A brand-new door or screen is about to open. If you’d want to cancel your subscription at this time, do so by clicking the corresponding link in the sidebar.
  • Choose your own excuse to back out. Any of them will suffice, since it is irrelevant why you want to cancel.
  • Once you’ve decided on a justification, choose “Yes, Cancel Subscription.”
  • Now, please verify the subscription end date shown on the confirmation page. You’ll be able to continue your membership if you so want.
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It is important to remember your billing cycle before canceling. Your monthly membership will be automatically renewed. After the first seven days of the free trial, you will be charged. If you don’t want to be charged, you must cancel before your billing date. Don’t worry about being charged for the next month if you cancel only one or two days before your payment date.

If you cancel more than two days before your paying date, such as in the middle of the month, you may keep viewing episodes until the following billing cycle. Since you are already current on that month’s payment, you will keep having access to the service until the next due date.

Canceling HBO Max on iOS & Android

You may terminate your HBO Max membership on any iOS or Android device, even a tablet, if you don’t have access to a computer right now. As long as you have access to the HBO Max app, you may cancel your subscription with ease on any of the supported devices. Here are the procedures you’ll need to follow:

  • Go ahead and grab your mobile device and fire up the HBO Max app. The next step, if you are already logged in, is to choose the “Profile” button. On the main screen, it needs to be plainly shown in the lower right corner. The next step is to choose “Settings” by clicking on the gear icon. You’ll find this gear-shaped button in the top left corner of your screen.
  • To proceed with your billing details, please choose “Billing Information” from the subsequent screen. From here, one of two choices will appear; which one you see depends on the service provider you subscribe to.
  • You should choose “Manage Subscription” if it appears, and then select “Cancel Subscription” from the last page you see. If you see “Learn More” but not “Manage Subscription,” then you need to go to Step 4.
  • You should choose the More Info link whenever you see it. A rundown of companies that provide HBO Max will subsequently be shown. To cancel your subscription, locate your service provider and then follow the instructions provided.
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Don’t only depend on erasing the HBO Max. By removing the app alone, you are not really terminating your membership. The subscription will continue until you cancel it, therefore if you do not want to be charged further, you must do so before the next billing cycle.

How to Cancel HBO Max Via Hulu?

If you like, you may combine HBO Max with Hulu to gain even more benefits. The costs are essentially the same, which is fantastic. However, if you wish to cancel your HBO Max subscription, the procedure is somewhat different. The instructions below will assist you in canceling your HBO Max membership via Hulu:

  • Navigate to If you haven’t already done so, sign in to your account.
  • From your account, search under the “Your Subscription” section and then click on “Manage Plan”.
  • Look for the HBO Max option and change the checkbox to an X. Then, choose “Review Changes”. Following that, your HBO Max account is terminated.
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Canceling HBO Max Through a Cable Provider

You may also cancel your HBO Max membership via your cable company. If you pick this option, here is how to cancel HBO Max:

  • Log in to your account on the HBO Max website.
  • Select your user name. It should be visible in the top right corner of your screen.
  • Click “Subscription” now.
  • Look for your subscription provider’s name.
  • Then, either log in to the subscription provider’s website or phone them to cancel your account.

Your HBO Max account may be linked to a specific HBO subscription purchased via your satellite or cable provider. So, in order to cancel your HBO Max subscription, you may need to discontinue HBO as well.


Canceling your HBO GO or HBO NOW subscription is a simple procedure, although it varies depending on the device you’re using. There will be distinctions between canceling through online vs mobile app or Hulu versus cable provider. Verify that you are really canceling your subscription and not just the app. Prior to the next paying period, you must go through the steps necessary to cancel your subscription. If you’ve found this post useful, it’s because it detailed the procedures you need to follow to terminate your account.