February 24, 2024

How to Get DAZN Free Trial for 30 days?

Are you a sports enthusiast? Would you like an application specifically designed to broadcast sports? If so, DAZN might be the ideal cup of tea. The streaming service is gaining some traction with people around the globe. But there are a few that do not provide sports streaming. 

dazn free trial

DAZN is a sports-specific application that is an ideal choice for anyone who loves sports. It’s a fantastic streaming service that delivers content in HD. DAZN offers the same versatility as other streaming applications. This means you can use it on various devices that support smart apps. 

How to Get the DAZN FREE Trial (Step by Step) 

To enjoy a free trial of DAZN, it is necessary to sign up with the application. That’s all. 

  1. You can go to DAZN’s official site at DAZN and download the app, then sign in.
  2. Once you have registered, DAZN offers a trial. In the present, the length of the trial can differ. 
  3. In the ordinary course, you’ll be eligible for 30 days of trial for free, which is immediately activated. Now be aware that you will need payment details when you’re signing up. 
  4. There is also an option to select the plan. It is necessary to complete the process to have your plan activated.
  5. Following that, you’ll be able to access DAZN’s premium content without issue with the trial offer. 
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How Do I Get Access DAZN Free Trial pack? 

If you wish to gain access to exclusive content that isn’t fighting sports, then you’ll need a premium VPN. It’s legal to use VPN and to access any content from any application, stream or stream it elsewhere. Thus, you can use the exact legality to sign up for the DAZN trial for free and use VPN to gain access to its exclusive content. 

DAZN gives you access to streaming sports services in areas like the USA, Australia, and Canada. This is among the most reliable and authentic ways to get around the DAZN regional limitations. 

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How do I sign up for DAZN

You need an account as a user with an active subscription to stream and watch boxing and other games through DAZN. DAZN streaming services. 

  1. In your web browser, go to the official DAZN website. 
  2. Click on 2. Click on the “Sign-up now” button in the upper right-hand corner of the landing page.
  3. Select the month-to-month or yearly arrangement and afterward tap the Get everything rolling button.
  4. Create your account as a user by entering your email address, name and password. After you have entered your credentials, click the CONTINUE button. 
  5. Input your payment information and click the START SUBSCRIPTION button. 
  6. Once you’ve completed the payment process, you will be able to play the video content on your computer easily.

What is the cost of DAZN? 

For Canada, DAZN offers two subscription plans. The monthly plan is USD 24.99, and an annual subscription costs USD 199.99. Prices may differ in different countries. You can end your DAZN subscription at any time. The trial offer for DAZN is over in February 2022. 

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The price for the monthly DAZN membership is $19.99 for users in the US. DAZN also has a presence in other countries, and prices vary based on location. For instance, customers living in Canada will likely be charged $24.99 monthly. Additionally, DAZN also offers an annual plan. The $149.99 per year for this annual subscription yields an annual savings of $89.98 compared to the $19.99 per Month cost per Month for twelve months. Another way to look at the differences is to consider that the $149.99 annual cost is broken into $12.49 monthly, saving $7.51 on the standard monthly cost. 

Supported Devices 

After registering a user account, you can stream DAZN content across all devices. It covers Smartphones, Tablets, Smart Gaming Consoles, TVs and streaming Devices. Use our installation guides to install the application for your gadget. 

  • DAZN Roku
  • DAZN in Chromecast
  • DAZN for Apple TV
  • DAZN is available on Firestick

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