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How to Get Discovery plus Free Trial for 30 days?

Discovery+ free trial

Discovery Plus, the latest streaming service to be launched in America, is Discovery Plus. This platform has competed with Netflix, Disney plus, etc. Discovery plus features a variety of content from Discovery networks, including the animal planet, food network, TLC, and its discovery channel. Informational content is what sets this platform apart from other platforms. The discovery networks channels are for people who love to learn and want to understand how things work. People can no longer watch live T.V. People can now access video-on-demand platforms and ad-free services. 

Discovery+ free trial

Discovery is, as with other platforms and services, subscription-based. What about Discovery Plus? There is a Discovery Plus free trial available. This article will provide information about Discovery Plus, Discovery Plus’s free trial and Discovery Plus. 

How to get Discovery Plus free of charge 

It is easy to find one, as it is advertised on all the Discovery Plus websites. It’s only available for new customers; we should remind you. Here is a step-by–step guide to how you can get the Discovery plus Free Trial pack. 

  1. First, visit the Discovery Plus Website to create an account. 
  2. To begin, use the large blue Free Trial Button. 
  3. Now, choose any of the two plans. Click the Continue link to proceed to the next screen. 
  4. Enter your email address. Next, create a strong password. Finally, click the agree and continue button.
  5. Finally, you’ll be asked for payment details. Then, at that point, click the concur and proceed button. 
  6. Follow any additional instructions that may be displayed on your screen. That’s it! 
  7. To receive the free trial, log in to Discovery Plus with your credentials. 

What devices are compatible with Discovery Plus 

We are thrilled to report that the streaming service has been available on many devices. Below is a complete list of compatible devices for Discovery Plus.

Smartphones & Tablets: Android, iPhones & iPads. 

Media Streaming Devices: Apple T.V., Fire T.V., Roku, TiVo, Android T.V. 

Smart TVs: Vizio TVs, LG TVs, Samsung TVs. 

Consoles: Xbox, PlayStation. 

More Devices: Xfinity. Chromecast. 

Follow the links to see how Discovery Plus can be installed on these devices. You’ll also find helpful information there. 

Discovery Plus has a 30-day Free Trial. 

Discovery Plus does NOT offer a 30-day complimentary trial. Only a few streaming services still offer a free trial for this length. Most streaming platforms offer around 7 days of access, and Discovery Plus is one of those. 

How Much Does Discovery PLUS Cost After a Free Trial? 

After your 7-day-free trial ends, the subscription fees will be the following in the U.K.: 

Entertainment monthly plans: P3.99

Entertainment annual program: PlayStation39.99 (has advertisements) 

After your free one-week trial ends, the subscription cost will be as follows (in Canada and the U.S.): 

Discovery Plus month plan with ads, CA/US $4.99 per month + tax.

Discovery Plus month plan without ads CA/US $6.99/month + taxes. 

Student (Ad-Lite), plan offer – U.S. $2.99 a month (the U.S. only). 

Student subscription auto renews at $2.99 per calendar month as long as student enrollment status remains valid. Every 12 months, the student status needs to be re-verified. The student subscription will be canceled at the end of each month if it is not verified. For new discovery+ subscribers enrolled at U.S. institutions, a student subscription includes a 7-day free trial. Title IV colleges or universities that meet the verification criteria are eligible for accreditation. 

The required taxes are billed separately from your monthly subscription costs, depending on where you’re billing. Manage My Account lets you see your monthly recurring amounts and an explanation that includes “Taxes.”

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