February 24, 2024

How to Get NFL Network Free Trial for 7 days?

Get your NFL Network FREE trial. Access the NFL Network for 7 days. Choose from various platforms to access all your NFL-related content, including all game build-ups. FuboTV offers a free trial. 

nfl network free trial

The NFL Network will be your go-to source if you are an NFL fan. It controls the streaming rights for all NFL games and decides which internet and cable companies can access their content. The service offers much more than the ability to watch the games. It also hosts interviews, shows, and presenters with the most recent news from the NFL. 

How Much Will NFL Network Cost? 

There are two price tiers. The basic tier costs $4.99 monthly or $39 annually. The premium tier costs $9.99/month or $79/year. The trial period is Here are some things you should know about the NFL Network Free Trial 

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seven days. 

Here are some things you should know about the NFL Network Free Trial 

NFL decided to delight viewers and many passionate fans with a free trial. The only thing you need to know about this benefit before you sign up for it is that it does not apply to all membership options. Pro Plan, the most expensive annual program, only allows for a 7- day trial. 

Even though you may think that you can enjoy all of the most appealing features without limitations, there are still restrictions that exclude certain benefits from the premium version. Pre-season games and Thursday Night Football matches will be available only three days after the live broadcast. Surprisingly, you won’t be able to access matches played before your free trial. These restrictions are worth considering if you’re considering the platform because of the restricted games. 

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How to Get an NFL 7-Day Trial Free of Charge ?

The program can be tried out by signing up on the NFL Branch web page for a free test. But, it is important not to confuse this with the official site of the entire company. Here’s how you do it: 

  1. Go to the NFL site https://www.nflgamepass.com/en/network.
  2. Click on START 7 DAY Free Trial.
  3. Choose the annual PRO package and click the START 7-day free trial. 
  4. Completion of the relevant fields with information.
  5. Check the containers. I consent to the NFL’s help out. I agree to the NFL’s Terms & Conditions. 
  6. Choose to Create an Account.
  7. Select the payment method. You can choose whether you wish to pay in four installments after the trial ends or all at once. 
  8. Enter your PayPal details or credit card number 
  9. Click To confirm your order. 
  10. That’s it. You can begin to enjoy the content available in just a few seconds after completing the process. 
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What are the NFL+ supported devices 

  • The NFL App is available on iOS 12+ as well as Android 7+. 
  • Compatible iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and iPod touch 

The NFL App & NFL+ have been optimized and tested for the following devices:

  • iOS 12+ iPhone
  • iOS 12+ iPad
  • Tv IOS 12+ Apple TV
  • Android 7+ Phone
  • Android 7+ Tablet
  • Android 7+ TV

Connected Devices – Requires updating to the latest versions

  • Android TV
  • Apple TV
  • Roku
  • FireTv
  • Xbox

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