How to Get Pluto TV on Amazon Fire Stick?

Pluto TV

We are just going to make a quick post showing you another free TV app, it’s called Pluto TV, and it’s kind of different, it’s a great app, but it doesn’t have your typical stations like USA and TNT, it kind of does its own thing.

Once you go in the search box and you type in Pluto TV it will prompt you to download it from there.

You go down and just click on Pluto TV, and this should come up, I found it going through the App Store. Now going to show you some of the Chamber’s, it’s kind of different, but it’s free TV, and it does have commercials because it’s free, you get what you pay for, but I kind of like it, it’s kind of different.

It shows a lot of movies, I saw some live shows like the Maury show, you see that right there, it has it created his own TV chime, like no Zee TV, TV cards, it has all the shows you want, but it’s the kind of name the station’s a little different.

How To Install Pluto TV to an Amazon Fire TV Stick

Pluto TV is a great App for anyone who wants to would like to watch basic TV for free. While the amount of movies and TV shows are limited it can be surprising what is available.

  • From the main menu click to the left to bring up the Search Box.
  • Type in Pluto TV and select it.
  • Click on the Pluto TV Icon.
  • Click Get.
  • It will automatically Download and Install.
  • After it installs it is ready to run, click Open.
Get Pluto TV on Amazon Install Pluto TV Pluto TV on Amazon Fire Stick

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