April 23, 2024

How to Get Starz Free Trial Pack for 7 days?

Streaming Service the streaming platform Starz offers a collection of TV and movies accessible via live channels as well as on-demand. The network hosts Hollywood classics, thrilling original dramas and many TV series that can be binge-watched. 

starz free trial

But finding great Starz deals can be difficult. This article will give an overview of the Starz service and describe the Starz trial bundles, deals, and discounts available, as well as the best way to access these

What is Starz and its plans? 

Starz is a network for TV operated by the Entertainment conglomerate Lionsgate. The service offers a selection of TV and movies and its programming, streamed live and on demand. 

In the majority of cases, it is the case that the average Starz subscription is $9 per month. Whether you sign up via the website or other streaming plans doesn’t matter. Sometimes, it is possible to get a discounted price, and discounts could be different when you sign up for the service or if you’re an incoming subscriber. 

Starz pricing is simple. It’s a simple streaming service, as there is only one plan. Although you can join Starz to other streaming services, including

To Hulu, if you create an account on this Starz website, you will have access to all of Hulu’s services to Hulu via your Starz login online, on your television and through the Starz application. 

Starz is available for subscription directly to the service for $8.99/mo. Or $74.99/yr. You can also buy it as an add-on channel on third-party streaming services, such as Amazon Prime Video ($8.99/mo.), Hulu ($5.99/mo.), Sling TV ($30/mo.) as well as YouTube TV ($49.99/mo.) 

Do I sign-up for a Starz trial for free? 

Starz trial is available on all devices. Starz trial is available on any device that can view the program, including mobile and computers, gadgets to streaming consoles, gaming and other devices. 

Users of PC or Mac can start a Starz trial free of charge when they click on the Start Your Free Trial red box in the top right corner of the Starz website. You will then have to fill in their email address and click Continue. On the next screen, they will need to select the option of an annual or monthly subscription and then input their credit or PayPal information. On the last page, they must create an account and click Continue. 

Users on mobile devices can install the Starz app from the app store, then follow the on-screen instructions to sign up for an account Starz account and then enter the details for payment. New subscribers with streaming devices like Amazon Fire Stick or Roku can download the Starz application to their devices. But, they will need to register to create a new account via an internet browser, as described in the previous paragraph. 

How do you Activate STARZ on TV? 

To enable STARZ to activate it, you’ll need an upgrade to a premium subscription or be in the free 7-day trial provided before signing up for a subscription. You’ll need to log in to connect the channel to your preferred service and create one first. 

  1. Go to the STARZ website www.starz.com/activate.
  2. Try STARZ Free for a week. 
  3. Now, sign-up and fill in your details. 
  4. After your channel is set up, you can add the channel to any device. 

The process of adding STARZ to any compatible device is easy. The additional step of authorizing the device takes only one second and appears to function flawlessly. It’s a shame that not all apps are as easy to use. 

Here’s the complete list of devices supported that allow you to stream original television series, original films and another programming on Starz’s website or app. Starz App and the website. 


  • iPhone with iOS 10.3 or higher 
  • iPad with iOS 10.3 or higher 
  • iPod Touch – running iOS 10.3 or higher 


  • Android tablets with Android 5 or higher 
  • Android smartphones that run Android 5 or higher 
  • Kindle Fire Tablets – 2014 model or later with Fire OS 5 or greater 

Smart TVs 

  • LG Smart TV – running WebOS 3.0 or higher.
  • Samsung Smart TV – 2014 model and later; Smart Hub 
  • Sony Smart TV – 2014 model and up with Android 5 or higher 
  • Nexus Player Android TV 
  • NVIDIA Shield for Android TV 
  • Razer Forge Android TV 


  • Microsoft Windows 10 PC 
  • Microsoft Windows 11 PC 
  • Mac operating OSX 10.5.7 or higher

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