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How to Get YouTube TV Free Trial for 2 Weeks?

youtube tv free trial

YouTube TV comes with a free trial of up to 14 days in length for its basic subscription. If you’re in the market for a trial period for the service, here’s everything you should be aware of. 

youtube tv free trial

YouTube TV extends the YouTube platform beyond user-generated video. You can use the service to watch your most-loved channels and eliminate the cord of your cable. But it’s important to note that the price is probably comparable to what you’d pay to a local cable provider. But, you could get rid of the cable and begin using cloud DVR, which makes it simple to access your recorded programming with almost any internet-connected device. 

YouTube TV is priced at $65 per month. The live streaming and on-demand platform offer all subscribers unlimited DVR space and at least six separate accounts for each household. The primary YouTube television service (before adding one) has greater than 90 channels. Users who are new to the service can avail of a trial period to test the quality of the platform before signing up for the first one-month subscription. Let’s look at the current trial offer and how you can sign-up and begin streaming. 

How do I get a free YouTube TV Trial? 

In the beginning, YouTube TV offers a seven-day trial at no cost, but it is usually extended during promotional times. In previous years, YouTube has offered trial durations of fourteen and thirty days. The trial period is accessible if you’re a first-time YouTube TV brand user and haven’t used an initial trial offer before. 

The trial for free gives users full use of the services, which includes the capability to record shows and invite family members. You can also try premium channels and add-on bundles, but the length of these can differ from the base plan.

The current YouTube TV free trial length can be up to 14 days. This is far more expansive than the trial-free policies for other services such as Netflix or Disney+. With more than an entire week of free streaming, it is possible to experience a wide range of channels on YouTube TV.

YouTube TV also gives an initial trial of five minutes for free in case you’d like to try the service for a short trial before signing to the trial and giving your credit card details. 

In the trial, the local affiliate networks from networks such as NBC, ABC, CBS, Fox, and others also expanded cable networks such as FX and TLC. You can also include HBO Max, NBA League Pass, Starz, and more premium channels. Remember, these extras come with a monthly cost that can range between $5/mo.-to-$15/month. 

There’s also the option of free trials with these premium channels. HBO Max offers a seven-day trial when you sign-up through YouTube TV, Starz offers five days free, and Showtime offers 14 days free before charging. 

To take advantage of our trial offer to claim your trial, follow the steps on your mobile or desktop: 

  1. Visit go the YouTube TV homepage. 
  2. Hit the Test It for Free button. 
  3. Log into Google to sign in with a Google account. 
  4. Input your zip code, and then click the next option. 
  5. Examine all channels included in your region’s basic package, and then choose the next. 
  6. Pick the top add-ons you want to add and click the next option. 
  7. Then verify all the information about your membership. Enter the billing information, and then select Start Trial. The trial will not cost you anything for the trial period, but you’ll be charged later if you don’t decide to cancel. 

What is the price of YouTube TV’s Basic Plan? 

YouTube TV is $64.99/month for the base plan. It gives you access to more than 100 live channels. But the exact number of channels you can choose from depends on your location. The main channels include PBS, AMC, Comedy Central, MTV, Nickelodeon, and sports networks such as NFL Network, NBA TV, and MLB Network. 

You can also buy individual premium channels, such as Cinemax, HBO, and Shudder, along with Sundance Now. These channels range from $5 to $40 per month. Also, a Sports Plus add-on costs $10.99/month and includes Fox Soccer Plus, NFL RedZone, Fight Network, and more. 

The 4K Plus add-on is $19.99/month. This includes 4K playback, unlimited concurrent streams from home (instead more than 3), and offline DVR viewing on mobile devices. 

Which streaming can devices support YouTube TV? 

If you’ve purchased a smart TV within the last three years, there’s a high chance that you’re using YouTube TV right now. We’ve written extensively about how people who have smart TVs ought to have streaming boxes, and we’re not going to condemn you if you’d prefer to use YouTube TV from another device. YouTube TV app on another device. 

Luckily streaming is available on various popular streaming devices and gaming consoles. 

If you’d like to take your television experience with you on the go or even into a different space, you might consider using a laptop, smartphone or computer. It is possible to access YouTube TV from your PC using the most recent versions of Chrome or Firefox as well as for mobile devices you can use YouTube TV is available on mobile devices.

YouTube TV application is easily accessible. In the case of Apple gadgets, YouTube TV is available on iPhones and iPads that run iOS 10.2 or higher. If you’re running Android, the only rule is operating Android Lollipop or later (though it is recommended to double-check your device’s compatibility on the Google Play store). Google Play store).

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