How to Install Pluto TV on Firestick?

How To Pluto TV

How to install Pluto TV on firestick and we’re going to be looking at one of the best apps out there available to us on the fire stick and the Amazon Appstore, it’s called Pluto TV.

Before we get into the instructions I’ll show you what it looks like. As soon as it starts we can see a guide, which is great, it’s like DirecTV Dish Network, so you can just scroll down through all kinds of channels. On the left-hand side we’ve got live TV, we also have an option for free movies and TV shows, this is basically the anthem on-demand content, it’s got movies series, and it’s really cool because when you click on one of the series it actually splits it up by season, so you can see all the episodes.

How to activate Pluto TV on firestick?

we’ll want to activate it although you don’t really have to, you can actually scroll down through the channels that are coming up, and just select what you want to play.

We’ll go ahead and select house kitchen, and there’s no loading, just starts playing right off the bat, we’ll hit the back button, and we can actually see we’ve got our movies and TV shows, and then on the Left, we have activated now. Cluedo TV says that if you activate they give you more channels to work with, it’s not needed, but for the sake of having new channels let’s go ahead and give it a try.

We’re going to selectively activate and you’ll see in the top right get a new code, we’ll select that and our code will be upright in the middle, from there we’ll go to the computer and try to activate that code from a phone or your computer, you can go to plutoTV/ activate and you’re going to type in the code you were given. I had to get a new code because I took too long, and we’re going to press activate and take me to my Pluto.

Once you put in the code it’ll ask for email address and a password, that way you have a my Pluto account, from here you can do all kinds of things from modifying what channels they actually show up in Pluto TV or you can actually hide channels, there you have it.

Let’s go back to the TV and see if we were granted in any more channels, as you can see the activation link went away on the left by scrolling down through the channels, we can actually see we do have more channels.

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