How to Troubleshoot Streaming Media Issues in Roku?


Roku is undoubtedly one of the most versatile media streamers in the world today. You can use Roku to watch the best online content, and you can also watch content that is stored in your local storage devices. The biggest USP of Roku player is its ability to play top-class content on the big TV screen.

There are thousands of channels available on Roku platform, which you can have access to. In those channels, there are a countless number of world-class content in the form of movies and TV shows present, which in my opinion is more than sufficient for you. Roku works flawless with all types of TV brands, yet there are many issues that have been found in Roku over the past few years.

Roku Problem 1: Roku doesn’t support all local file formats
This is one of the major issues in Roku because people have files in different formats on their smartphones, and when those files are played in the Roku, it just can’t detect it. Even, Roku link can’t fix the issue. Formats like MKV, MOV, MP4 and WMV are the ones that can be easily played in Roku, but what about 3GP? Well, you just can play these files. You will have to take help from 3rd party sources to play 3GP files.

Roku Problem 2: Unable to stream media from computer to Roku
Well, there isn’t any official way to stream media from PC to Roku, but you can make use of 3rd party tool for this purpose. But, make sure that you use a reliable 3rd party tool to stream content from your computer to Roku. Go to Roku com link to find a reliable 3rd party tool to stream content from PC to Roku.

Roku Problem 3: Video buffers frequently or plays low quality videos
This in my opinion is the biggest issue while streaming online videos or files from your local drives. This issue occurs when there is a problem in the internet connection. To stream content in a seamless manner, the speed of the internet should be 3 mbps. So, check your internet speed and correct it if the speed is slow. There are some other things as well, which you have to do:

  • Move your Roku device closer to the modem or router.
  • If necessary, replace your Roku device.
  • Keep away all other electronic devices such as cell phones, cordless phones and more.
  • If possible, you must use wired network, as it is more reliable than wireless network.

Roku problem 4: Roku getting frozen
This is not a major issue, but it needs to be resolved because of the annoyance factor involved in it. This issue can be resolved by updating the firmware.

Also, you will have to update the router, if it is not updated. If you are using a poorly developed channel, and experiencing issues in Roku player, then you will have to switch over to some other platform. It has also been observed that files in MKV format, so you should convert the file into AVI format using format converter.

Streaming Media Issues in Roku

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