February 24, 2024

How to Watch and Activate Sling TV on LG Smart TV?

You can effortlessly view all of your favorite shows on your new smart LG TV by connecting to the internet, which eliminates the need for a cable connection. All you have to do is register a Sling TV account at “sling.com/lg activate your account page” and then use the sling.com/lg code to activate it on your LG TV.


Sling TV is a web-based streaming service that provides a single platform for all of your favourite movies, TV episodes, sports, and documentaries. Install the Sling TV App on your LG TV and activate it by visiting sling.com/lg activation and entering your activation code in the sling.com/lg input code box.

Is it possible to watch Sling TV on an LG Smart TV?

Sling TV, like any other online streaming service, works best on smart TVs. Sling TV is also compatible with your LG smart TV if you have the device’s activation code.

To enjoy all of Sling TV’s benefits, you must first install and activate your Sling TV account. You can do this by going to sling.com/lg or typing “sling.com lg enter code” into your browser.

How Can I Register for Sling TV?

You must first sign up for Sling TV before you can use it on your smart TVs and other devices. The steps below will make it simple for you to sign up for a Sling TV account:

  • Navigate to the official Sling TV website in your browser and click the “Subscribe Now” button.
  • Enter your account’s email address and password on the next page.
  • Choose your preferred package based on the number of channels you want in your Sling TV account. (30 channels or more, 40 channels or more, 50 channels or more)
  • Scroll down the page to add more Premium channels, such as Starz or Showtime.
  • To begin using Sling TV, enter your payment information and click “Finish and Submit.”
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How to Setup the Sling TV App on an LG Smart TV

Playing your Sling TV account on a big screen is a multi-step process. To begin viewing, connect into your account and download the app to your device.

  • Make sure your LG smart TV has a reliable internet connection.
  • Select the Home Button on your LG smart TV remote.
  • Navigate to the search icon in LG Content Store on your smart TV.
  • Enter “sling TV App” into the search box and choose it from the results.
  • Open the detailed Sling TV page and click the ” Install ” button in the bottom-right corner. It will download and install the Sling TV app.

Sling TV on LG Smart TV Activation | Sling.com/lg

Installing the Sling TV App on your TV is a simple step, but it is not the only one required to get Sling TV running on your LG. It entails activating Sling TV by going to sling.com/lg and making your streaming service compatible with your device.

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The primary phases of the method are to go to sling.com/lg activate, generate an activation code on your LG TV, and enter it on sling.com/lg code for the activation box.

  • After installing Sling TV on your device, start it and take note of the activation code shown on the screen.
  • Now, open your browser and type sling.com/activate into the address bar. This technique may be performed using any instrument.
  • A similar website may be reached by typing “sling.com/lg code for activation.”
  • The next page will display a box where you may enter the activation code that was previously shown on your LG TV. Enter it here.
  • Following this activation, your LG TV is prepared to run Sling TV without interruption. If you haven’t already joined up or subscribed to the Sling TV app, do so following activation.

What Kinds of Devices Does Sling TV Support?

You can watch Sling TV on a variety of devices after you’ve enrolled. It is not designed for Smart TVs, but it is compatible with a wide range of other devices, including desktop computers, game consoles, and mobile phones. The activation method for each device is the same: go to sling.com/lg input code window.

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You can also access Sling TV through a computer or download the app to skip the hassle of surfing and searching. The software is accessible for both Apple and Android smartphones and works well. It is also compatible with several Xbox systems and Windows 10. The plans are universal, and whichever bundle you choose will work on all of the devices listed.

Subscription Plan for Sling TV:

Sling TV offers three subscription tiers, each with its own set of channels and price.

  • Sling Blue delivers 20+ channels for $35 per month.
  • Sling Orange costs $35 per month.
  • Sling Orange + Blue costs $50 per month and includes 50+ channels.
  • Aside from these bundles, certain channels that are not included in the deal may be enabled separately by paying a fee for each channel. AMC+, for example, charges an extra $4, while Heartland Plus costs an additional $6.

Sling TV on LG Smart TV through Streaming Devices:

Other streaming devices may be readily combined with your LG TV. To do so, connect your streaming device to your LG Smart TV. Connect your internet connection to your streaming device. Install the Sling TV app from the app store on your streaming device, then activate Sling TV on your streaming device by visiting sling.com/lg and begin watching Sling TV on LG TV.


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