April 23, 2024

How to Watch FuboTV on Samsung TV?

FuboTV a free and ad-supported streaming channel, It is possible to stream fuboTV on Samsung Smart TV. Here’s how you can register, install, and stream fuboTV on your Samsung Smart TV. Find out how you can maximize the performance of the features of using your Samsung Smart TV while using fuboTV. 

fubo tv on samsung

The channel will be available with Samsung TV Plus and LG TV. It was launched on June 1st. It was soft-launched with distribution through Xumo and fuboTV’s base package. The company also announced that new distributors would be soon announced. 

Fubo is a service not tied to a contract that keeps your attention for hours. You can watch the shows and programs important to you on your sofa by logging into the fuboTV application on the Samsung TV. The channels available to watch vary by region. Still, all Fubo customers are assured of the most current reality TV, sports news coverage, and national and local events.

How to set up FuboTV for Samsung Smart TV?

To enjoy uninterrupted service with FuboTV, you do not need be paying a cable bill. Because of the ability to enjoy live entertainment options through your Samsung Smart Tv. FuboTV will provide live sporting events and live television streaming directly through the Samsung Smart TV.

FuboTV apps are available on Samsung’s smart TV app store, which provides access to over 100 channels and local coverage of sports and news events. FuboTV is a no-contract service that gives you endless enjoyment for hours. Another benefit of fubotv is that it allows you to record your biggest game with a free box DVR, with a monthly subscription lasting up to 500 hours. There is also no need for an extra box connected to your TV, and there is no need for a contract with the neighborhood Cable Company.

FuboTV can be easily accessed on the Samsung TV from its App Store. With this, you can download shows and other programs to your television’s storage on board. If, for some reason, the Samsung Smart TV is not showing FuboTV, then to enable it the way you want it to on your Samsung Smart TV, follow the instructions below. 

How do I sign in FuboTV on Samsung TV?

You can watch all your current sports news via one of three subscription levels, and ultimately, you will be able to take pleasure in the viewing experience. FuboTV is available for Samsung Smart TV models between 2015 and 2019… To set it up, follow the steps below to enable the FuboTV feature on your Samsung Smart TV. 

  1. Sign up with your login information for FuboTV.  
  2. Now power on your Samsung TV 
  3. Select the search icon from your Samsung home screen. 
  4. After you type the word FuboTV in the search bar. 
  5. Select the FuboTV application and click on the install option. 
  6. After downloading the FuboTV, you must sign in using the access code.
  7. Open the fuboTV app.
  8. Tap on the sign-in code option 
  9. Then, go to fubo.tv/connect via your computer or phone. 
  10. To sign in, enter your credentials to your FuboTV account. 
  11. Then, enter the code from your Samsung smart TV screen. 
  12. After you have completed the process, you’ll be able to have unlimited access to channels.

FuboTV +Subscription plan and Cost? 

Fubo TV subscription begins at $54.99 monthly on the basic plan that includes more than 100 live channels, comprising Comedy Central, AMC, SNY, MSG, FS1, NFL Network, and MSNBC. You can stream two screens simultaneously and receive thirty hours’ worth of DVR storage. 

The next option includes the Family Plan for $59.99 and includes 100+ channels, and you can use three screens simultaneously and get 500 hours of DVR storage. For $64.99, you can buy the Family Plan that includes Showtime (the 9 Showtime On-demand channels to this mix). 

It’s also the Ultra package which includes channels 176, as well as fubo (which includes 40 channels of entertainment), Showtime (+9 channels) and Sports Plus (22 sports-focused channels with high energy). Cloud DVR on this platform has a limit of 500 hours. 

There’s also a variety of more add-ons to look into, such as $4.99/month to AMC Premiere, Sports Plus with NFL RedZone for $10.99/month, fubo Extra for $5.99/month (which includes networks such as MTV Classic, Nick Music, NBA TV, NHL Network and The Cooking Channel), Adventure Plus for $4.99/month (adds the Outdoor Channel, Sportsman Channel along with a handful of other channels) along with a couple of international channels as well.


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