April 23, 2024

How to Watch NFL SUNDAY TICKET TV on Roku?

NFL DirecTV has made it possible to access NFL Sunday Ticket Max with select free of charge for the 2021 NFL seasons. Typically, this service would cost viewers $300 to $400 more annually.


DirecTV offers 3 packages, including NFL Sunday Ticket Max, at no extra charge.

  1. DirecTV Choice- $69.99 per month
  2. DirecTV Ultimate- $84.99 per month
  3. DirecTV Premier, $134.99 per Month

DirecTV customers can only avail of this deal. DirecTV Stream customers cannot access it. NFL Sunday Ticket Max allows you to access more premium features like Red Zone and DIRECTV Fantasy Zone. Plus, an exclusive channel dedicated only to Fantasy Football. NFL Sunday Ticket will now be available to NFL fans in condos, apartment blocks and others who cannot receive DirecTV.

How to Check NFL Sunday Ticket Eligibility?

Visit nflst.directv.com/roku from web browser. Fill your address, unit & Zip code then click on Check Eligibility.

NFL Sunday Ticket’s secret is that the streaming plan can be purchased without DirecTV if it qualifies. Living in an area without satellite TV service is the best way to get qualified. Many addresses in cities and municipalities will be eligible, including condominiums, apartment buildings, dorm rooms, and MDUs.

Here’s how to check if you qualify with https://nflst.directv.com/

After you verify that you are eligible for the program, you can reactivate your NFL Game Pass Account and your NFL Sunday Ticket account. To do this, download each app from either the app store for your smartphone or tablet.

  • NFL Game Pass (Android), (iOS). Game Pass, which is part of the NFL App, gives you access to past weeks and previous years as far back as the 2009 NFL Season. It also contains team pages and video highlights, among other things.
  • NFL Sunday Ticket (Android) and (iOS). This complete Sunday Ticket app lets you stream all Sunday games live. You will only be able to access the non-blacked games in your region while they are being played. You must go to the appropriate cable channel or over-the-air channel to see a local match.

Log in with your password and user ID to access the mobile app. For TV devices, you will need to activate them separately.

Once your Roku, AppleTV or Amazon Fire TV/Firestick have been downloaded, it is time to activate them. It could also resolve your activation issues by causing specific backend systems in AT&T/DirecTV to sync correctly. You can also uninstall NFL Game Pass and reinstall it to solve problems.

How to Activate NFL Game Pass on Roku?

  1. You may need to visit https://nflst.directv.com/roku rather than the more extended types of these URLs beneath to auth your record.
  2. To activate NFL Game Pass, follow these directions. Or you can click here to see Roku.
  3. To get started, go to the Roku Store.
  4. Browse the Sports or News & Notable sections or type NFL at the search bar. It would help if you kept in mind that this channel is NFL, not NFL Game Pass.
  5. Click Add channel.
  6. If you don’t already have a Roku Account, log in.

After you’ve set up your NFL Game Pass Roku subscription, you’ll need verification of your account. Roku’s Guide advises that you visit nfl.com/activate/roku. After logging in, you will be asked for the code displayed on the Roku Channel Store. Log in, and you’re good to go!


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