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How to Watch Your Favorite Streaming Service From Anywhere in World

The streaming industry is growing gradually worldwide, with more services adding up every year. At least 85% of US households have a subscription to (minimum) one video streaming platform. Also, 60% of them have at least one paid subscription to a music streaming platform.

While the figures are impressive, sometimes you may not access your favorite streaming platform in a particular location. The reason could be related to geo-restrictions or licensing agreements. 

So, does this restriction mean you won’t be able to access the streaming service in that particular location? Not really! These quick ways may help you watch your favorite streaming service anywhere in the world.  

Change the Country/Region

If you want to access/watch any streaming service in a new place, simply change the country or region where you’re traveling. For example, if you’re using Netflix (which is accessible in more than 190 countries), you can check their Moving with Netflix option to change the location. 

Note that the process differs as per the streaming service. Also, the catalog or TV shows/movies are different for different locations. You may only be able to watch/access the content that’s available in the country you’ve moved in. 

Use VPN (Virtual Private Network) Service

VPN helps to protect your online information by hiding your IP address and encrypting any data. It routes the data in secure networks and helps you to use the internet anonymously. So, if geo-blocking is an issue for streaming content access in your area, use a VPN to bypass the same in a hassle-free manner

Make sure to do your in-depth research before choosing the right VPN for yourself. You can check a brief review on ExpressVPN by Ari Denial, which is known for its fast, reliable, and secure service. Also, look for other factors too, like accessibility, versatility, and ease of use. 

To use a VPN on your device, follow the below steps:

  • Get VPN details from the administrator or service provider. It may also be accessed through an app provided by the administrator.
  • Go to Settings> Network & Internet> VPN. Click on Add, input all the details, and Save. Alternatively, if you can’t find VPN, search for it on the finder.
  • After setting up, tap on the VPN and enter the credentials. Click on Connect

Use Smart DNS Proxy

Smart DNS proxy is a DNS service that helps to unblock geo-restricted streaming services easily. Whenever you use a smart DNS proxy, it hides your location and replaces the DNS address with that of the service provider. This helps the website to think you’re someone else and helps you access the blocked content. 

For a quick smart DNS proxy setup, follow the steps below:

  • Log into your router Admin Panel. Make sure to browse through the manual book of your router or modem to find the IP address and enter the same. 
  • Enter the username and password on the admin panel. 
  • Change your DNS IP to the smart DNS proxy. 
  • Save your changed settings and then restart your router. 

Note that smart DNS proxy usage has loopholes like slow speed over long distances and lack of encryption for website traffic. It’s also less flexible than VPN.   

Try Short-term Subscription Plans

If you’re a frequent traveler/mover who wants to access content for a streaming service, go for short-term or free subscriptions instead of premium plans. That way, you can change the location and plans as per the region you’re traveling (or residing) to without canceling frequently. Netflix subscription plans, for example, have multiple options (including a free trial) to try out. Similarly, different streaming services have different plans. 

Note that the price for streaming service plans may vary as per the location. For example, the per-month subscription fee for Amazon Prime US is $14.99. Similarly, for European countries, the prices are higher with a 31% hike in plans recently. So, choose the best fitting short-term subscription plan for your use

To Conclude

Have you tried any of these solutions earlier? If not, give it a try! The best strategy (out of the above-mentioned solutions) to access streaming content in a location is to use a VPN. It would definitely work, and you’ll be able to watch any shows you want easily. 

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