1. Open YouTube Kids. Launch the YouTube Kids app and provide your birth year in the box you are given to verify your age. 
  2. Choose the Sign-In option, and you will be given an activation code on your TV screen. 
  3. Further, visit YouTube kids Activation Site ( from any browser. 
  4. Log into your Google account, enter your Activation Code, and click the Next button. 
  5. The YouTube Kids app will be active. Watch any video content and help your kids learn.

YouTube Kids is a part of YouTube that provides kids-oriented videos. It has videos about art and crafts, cartoons, shows, toys, hobbies, and much more. You will surely keep kids entertained using the YouTube Kids app if you have kids in your home. It also offers families-friendly videos on a variety of subjects. Alongside entertainment, your kids will learn through the videos that are available in the YouTube Kids app. YouTube Kids is available on various devices. This article will teach you how to install and activate the YouTube Kids application.

YouTube Kids will be suitable for kids and kids under 12 years old. The content available on the app is categorized into Recommended, Movies, Music and Education. Additionally, it has parental control features that allow parents to monitor their kids activities. Parents can view the history of their watch at any time and set up several profiles (up to eight) for each child who lives at home.

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What is is the webpage for creating a child YouTube account to activate a YouTube app for your child on a smart TV. The kids YouTube requires an activation code that will create by the YouTube kid’s app once you click “Sign In.” Thus, with assistance from the YouTube kids activation codes, the YouTube kid’s app will be enabled on the smart television and an Android box. 

In this guide, you’ll be able to connect the YouTube Kids app to your smart TV and other streaming devices. 

How You can set up your YouTube Kids profile.?

The first step to turning on YouTube kids on your smart TV is to create an account of you and your kid(s) at So, in this article, we’ll look at the steps to set up your YouTube kids account.  

  1. Use the browser on your phone or computer and visit
  2. Click “Profile” and click the “Profile icon in the upper left, followed by “Profile,” which is the “watch it again” message. 
  3. Create a profile and click “Get started” to get your parent to log in to allow you to create your profile.
  4. Click “Next in the following screen and verify that you have a Gmail account. These steps you need to follow to set up a Gmail account within less than five minutes. 
  5. Enter the year in which you were born to confirm your age. Then click “Submit. Do not enter your child’s name in this field, or else you’ll never be allowed to establish an account on YouTube for kids. 
  6. In this instance, YouTube kids will be showing videos about what you can achieve using, and you will be able to choose to show some text to read and then click “Next.” 
  7. Now, you must log in as a parent using the details of your Google account. Click “Sign In” at the bottom of the screen. 
  8. But, the content that YouTube Kids have recorded is not added to your YouTube timeline when clicking “Add an account.” 
  9. A pop-up invites you to sign in to your Gmail account to continue the YouTube Kids profile setup. 
  10. The screen for setting up YouTube Kids will refresh, and your entire child’s search history on YouTube will be accessible to you when you go to using the connected Google account. 
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With the steps mentioned, you can now turn on YouTube Kids on the smart TV. You will also have access to your entire child’s YouTube search history. 

YouTube Kids can be set up on your TV?

We will first examine the most common method of setting up YouTube Kids on my home TV.

  1. Open the app for kids on YouTube on your TV if you’re not yet installing the app]; go to the next step to install, download, and enable YouTube Kids on your smart TV. 
  2. Enter your birthdates to confirm your age. 
  3. Choose whether you want to sign in or not. This will prompt you to activate the YouTube Kids app on your TV or access YouTube Kids as a guest. 
  4. If you selected “yes, sign me in,” both the What’s more, the YouTube kids’ activation code will show up on your TV screen. 
  5. Go to on an internet browser, either your cell phone or the YouTube Kids activation code displayed on the television screen. 
  6. Choose “Connect” on the screen to verify that the activation code is displayed on your TV screen. 
  7. Once the Activation is confirmed, the activation page will refresh and load YouTube kids’ content. 
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