You will get an activation code onto your TV screen. Then you’ll have to visit http // using an internet browser to automatically enter this code to be able to join your device. Whenever you do, you are going to proceed into the TV supplier menu, where it is possible to choose your own provider and enter your password and login.

NBC stands for National Broadcasting Company, and it is one of the most popular commercial broadcast TV networks in the US. NBC is a flagship product of NBCUniversal and a subsidiary of Comcast. NBC offers a slew of programs in varied niches, which is what attracts so many eyeballs to the network’s content.

NBC Supported Devices

NBC app is available on all major streaming devices, let it be Amazon Fire TV, Roku Streaming Devices, Roku TVs, Android TV, Apple TV, iOS, Vizio TV, Xbox One, Android Smart Devices and so on.

Steps to Activate NBC on Roku using roku

  • Launch NBC app on your Roku device.
  • Note down the NBC activation code.
  • Navigate to from your browser.
  • Enter the NBC activation code.
  • Click Continue.

In order to enjoy the content offered by NBC, it is crucial to create a profile on NBC and then, perform NBC activate the process.

While most people would be aware of NBC News app, which is among the most popular news apps in the US, but NBC is equally popular in the sports section with NBC Sports and NBC Sports Gold Service doing amazingly well in all parts of the US.

NBC is truly a rising star when it comes to delivering excellent sporting content, and testifying the success of the app is its subscribers, whose counting is getting higher and higher with every passing day.

However, in order to watch anything on NBC app, it is important to create a user profile on the same. Here are some of the advantages that users will get after they make a profile on NBC:

  • Ability to watch favorite series in an uninterrupted manner.
  • Being able to watch the series from beginning to end.
  • Start the series from the exact same spot from where you’ve left watching previously.
  • Ability to vote for your favorite contestants in live shows such as America’s Got Talent.

How do I Login NBC Account?

  • Start with going to tap on Sign Up page. You will have to use your PC’s or smartphone’s browser for this.
  • Once the page is opened, you will see two options on the screen to sign in. The first option will be to sign in using your Facebook account and the second option will be to create an account from scratch.
  • If you choose to sign in using Facebook, then click ‘Facebook’ and as you do so, Facebook page will open in which you will have to enter your Facebook login details. You will have to allow the access to NBC to see your Facebook profile. Once you click ‘Allow’ button, your NBC profile will be linked with your Facebook profile, which means, you can open NBC with your Facebook login details.
  • The second option is creating the account from scratch, and in this, you will have to enter all your details such as your name, address, zip code, email address, contact number, and other basic details in order to sign up for NBC account. Make sure to create a strong password for your NBC profile in order to keep it secured.
  • After filling up all the details, you need to tick the box given corresponding to ‘I Agree’ in order to sign up for NBC.

How do I Create NBC Account?

  • Once you get this message, i.e., ‘Your NBC profile is created’ on the screen, that means, you can now access your NBC account.
  • You are going to see options, start watching the content that is available or it will ask you if you would like to link provider.
  • If you want to get on with seeing a series or news right away, then you can do that.
  • If you have any streaming device that you would like to link with NBC, then you can select the other option accordingly.
  • Click on the blue icon that says ‘Link your provider’ and you are going to see a list of providers that support NBC.
  • You will have to select your TV service provider in order to watch your favorite NBC shows without any hassle.

How to Perform the NBC Activation Process?

  • If you have linked your NBC app to a streaming device or have installed it directly on your streaming device, then first make sure that you have an active account on your streaming device.
  • If you have, then you need to turn on your device and look for settings on the home screen.
  • If NBC channel has not been added into to repertoire of streaming apps, then you need to add it.
  • Launch the app and enter your NBC profile credentials.
  • Once you are in your NBC profile page, you will see an activation code. So, you need to enter that code at and with that, your NBC app will be activated.

How to activate NBC Sports and NBC Sports Gold:

  • You need to install NBC Sports app on your streaming device in the same way as you have installed NBC app above.
  • Once the app is installed, you need to sign in with your NBC login credentials.
  • After that, you need to go to in order to activate your device.
  • From the list of streaming devices, you need to select the one that you are using.
  • Then, you need to enter the activation code that you have received after signing into NBC Sports app. Then, click ‘Continue’.
  • Your NBC Sports app is now activated, so you can start watching your favorite shows.

The process of NBC Sports Gold Activate is exactly the same, but you have to go to a different link, i.e., activate NBC Sports com Gold. After that, the process is exactly the same as activating NBC Sports.

While activating NBC app, you may come across several issues

  • NBC doesn’t work.
  • NBC not loading.
  • NBC activate isn’t working.
  • NBC activate my device not on the list.
  • Activation link not working.
  • Unable to activate NBC on iPhone.
  • NBC activation page blank.
  • NBC activate credit card issues.
  • Unable to sign into NBC profile on Roku.
  • Can’t perform NBC sign in with TV provider.
  • NBC activation link not working on Apple TV.

Troubleshooting NBC Activation in Your Device

When you experience problems while navigating into we recommend searching the next steps to solve the issue.

  • · When an program or channel will not provide an activation code, then delete the app and reinstall it on the device.
  • · If the NBC activation is still not working, clear cache/cookies from your internet browser. You can normally clear cache/cookies by updating your preferences in your internet browser’s controls or menu. This measure should reduce the odds of data- or storage-related problems.
  • · Alter your browser to private or incognito manner. You can usually change to private or incognito manner on your internet browser’s window or file controls.
  • · Try another web browser. As an example, if you’ve tried with Chrome, try switching to Firefox.

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