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Peacock Subscription: Pricing and What’s Included in Plans?

Peacock TV subscription

Even if you forgot about your free Peacock membership till now, the odds are good that you still do. You’ve probably just gotten back from making sure you haven’t been paying for Peacock Premium without knowing it for the past few months (I’m not saying that’s ever happened to me, of course), and now you might be thinking about signing up to see what all the fuss is about, what with all the great and exciting original shows and all the great movies.

Peacock TV subscription

Pricing And Subscription Options For The Peacock

Just above, I noted that there are three different Peacock membership tiers: free, premium, and premium plus, each with its own set of benefits and drawbacks. We can dissect them right now.

Free as a Peacock

We’ll begin with the aforementioned cost-free beginning, the Peacock Free. Now, this choice does come with some drawbacks, the most significant of which is that you can’t view every movie or TV episode in the library. Oh, by the way, there are commercials. But, once again, there’s no cost!

Subscription to the Peacock Premium ($4.99/mo.)

Peacock Premium, a $4.99/month tier that grants unrestricted access to the whole library. This covers not just the extensive collection of outstanding movies and series, but also the many Peacock originals. Popular NBC shows are also available online the day after they broadcast on regular television. It’s worth noting that many episodes have advertisements, albeit they’re not nearly as intrusive as they are on the free model.

Price of a Peacock Premium Plus membership is $9.99 per month

For an additional $9.99 per month, you can upgrade to Peacock Premium Plus and enjoy all the features of the Premium plan without having to endure any advertisements. It is true that you will still be subjected to advertisements when viewing live sports, other programmes, and some titles (due to streaming rights), but in my experience, these interruptions are infrequent. As an added bonus, you can get certain TV series and movies to watch on the go using your mobile device.

From time to time, Peacock will run special promotions that significantly lower the regular price of a Premium membership, such as the one that occurred in October 2022 and reduced the cost of a yearly membership to $19.99.

Plenty of Popular Shows Are Available In The Peacock’s Streaming Collection

While you’re waiting for your favourite comedies like The Office and Parks and Recreation to return, why not binge-watch the latter seasons of Law & Order, catch up with the Dutton family in Yellowstone, or watch some gripping crime dramas like Criminal Minds? Then you should definitely go with Peacock. To watch all of these episodes, you’ll need a Peacock Premium membership, but once you do, you’ll get access to hundreds of hours of the finest programming from the NBCUniversal family of networks.

The fact that Peacock will bundle together episodes from different Law & Order series as well as episodes from different One Chicago programmes into collections is also really nice.

There is also a huge library of films available

Peacock, like other streaming services, offers a wide selection of films spanning several genres and decades. Peacock has already provided its members with box sets of fan-favorite films, including the whole Harry Potter series. Of course, many shows and movies come and go each year, but be certain that another series will fill the void left by The Karate Kid when it finally goes off the air.

In addition to aggregating popular series, Peacock also has actor collections that lead to a page listing all of the platform’s Will Smith, Ryan Reynolds, and Jennifer Aniston films. This is a feature that might really benefit from more widespread use in the current streaming era.

Peacock Is a Good Source for Original Films, TV Series, and Documentaries

It’s fantastic to have access to classic films and television series, but in today’s streaming landscape, where properties often change hands, it’s essential for a platform to provide compelling original content in order to draw in new users and retain the loyalty of existing ones. The good news is that Peacock offers a wide variety of compelling original programming, including television episodes, movies, and documentaries. True Story with Ed and Randall, Wolf Like Me, Dr. Death, and A Friend of the Family are just a few of the newer series that will keep you entertained long after your old favourites have been taken off the air.

WWE Network may be found in the Peacock

Thousands of hours of wrestling material, including legendary programmes and live events, will be available to all Peacock subscribers beginning in February 2021 thanks to the WWE Network’s arrival on the service. It’s a mixed bag of a service, but the fact that it’s free with a Peacock Premium membership more than makes up for any flaws.

WWE Network on Peacock is the best option for those who wish to relive the wildest moments from the Royal Rumble or see some of the most exciting WrestleMania main event events. On top of that, there are a plethora of excellent documentaries on wrestling that you can watch and enjoy. You can’t watch any forthcoming WWE events anywhere else, since the site is the only U.S. home for the wrestling business.

Super Bowl LVI and the Winter Olympics

Peacock has you completely covered when it comes to live sports, from broadcasting the Super Bowl to providing access to every event at the 2022 Winter Olympics. Peacock still has enough to offer its members even during the year’s two major sports events.

Rugby, golf, motocross, the English Premier League, and Major League Baseball are always available on Peacock. Further, NBC Sports offers a wide range of daily and weekly programming, such as The Dan Patrick Show, The Rich Eisen Show, and many others. Don’t even get me started on Peacock’s selection of sports documentaries.

Modern Streaming Devices Have Peacock

Peacock, like other streaming services, is accessible on a wide variety of screens. All current versions of the PlayStation and Xbox consoles are compatible with all current versions of the most popular web browsers, mobile devices (Android and iOS), and media players. The system works with many different types of smart TVs.

All of the devices I own and use regularly, including my Samsung and LG smart TVs, PlayStation 5, Roku, Tivo Stream, Chrome and Safari web browsers, and iPhone 12, have been thoroughly tested with Peacock, and I have yet to have any problems. It would be great if this were the case with all streaming providers.

Final Thought

All of this should help make sense of Peacock, its different subscription choices, and all that goes with it. If you decide to subscribe to the service, check out the 2022 Fall TV schedule to see what you’ll be watching in the following weeks and months.

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