April 23, 2024

Prime Video Subscription: Pricing and What’s Included in Plan?

Amazon debuted Amazon Prime as a monthly subscription option in 2016, directly competing with Netflix, since it allowed customers to access Amazon Prime Video’s collection without signing up for a full yearly membership. However, Amazon Prime is more than simply a video streaming service, and Amazon Prime Video is more than just a collection of subscription-exclusive content.

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There’s also the matter of next-day delivery, the fact that certain titles are only available for purchase and rental, and the fact that you may subscribe to Amazon Prime Video without any of those extras. Still perplexed? You’re not alone; let us explain how everything works and what you may not know.

Amazon Prime Video and Amazon Prime are not the same thing

Although many other publications and magazines refer to Amazon Prime Video as Amazon Prime, the two are not the same: Amazon Prime is a subscription service that costs £79 per year or £7.99 per month and provides free next-day UK delivery on Amazon goods. It also offers access to a variety of additional perks, such as fresh food delivery, music streaming through Amazon Music, unlimited online picture storage, and a free rotating library of Kindle eBooks and other reading materials (Prime Reading).

Amazon Prime Video is one of the benefits of that subscription, but it’s not the same thing – you can join up for an Amazon Prime Video account as a standalone product for £5.99 a month without any other Amazon Prime add-ons. You may cancel it at any time, much like a monthly Amazon Prime subscription. (To discover it, after signing up for Amazon Prime, click on “view more plans.”)

Amazon Prime Video is the name of Amazon’s video store

Here’s what many people don’t realise – and neither Amazon’s branding (which has changed multiple times) nor other newspapers and publications assist to clear up the uncertainty. Amazon Prime Video is broken into two parts: Amazon Prime Video, it’s all-you-can-stream membership service, and Amazon Prime Video, its pay-per-view shop for purchasing and renting titles.

Just because something is advertised as a streaming video on Amazon doesn’t imply it’s part of Amazon Prime Video. Films and television series may be included with Amazon Prime Video and also rented by non-subscribers, and some may be offered just to one of those groups. Look for the blue Prime branding in the upper corner of a title to see which videos are included in your free membership.

When you search for a movie or TV shows (on the site or in the Amazon Prime Video app), you can also limit your results to display only “Prime” titles, similar to how you search for a purchase on Amazon and filter the results to show only those eligible for next-day Prime delivery.

Amazon Prime subscribers get rental discounts

To make matters even more complicated, Amazon Prime members get reduced offers to rent titles for £1.99 instead of the typical £5.49.

You can watch Prime Video content while offline

Amazon Prime Video enables users to download movies and TV series to watch later – ideal for a lengthy car trip, train excursion, or flight. The majority of eligible titles are Amazon originals, but you can seek for the Download option on any Amazon Prime Video title by viewing the video information on its website.

You can watch things abroad

Don’t have enough capacity on your smartphone to save stuff for offline viewing before leaving on vacation? Don’t worry, certain stuff is accessible to watch internationally as well – like with Netflix, this is most often original programmes like The Man in the High Castle.

You could have multiple profiles

Each Amazon Prime Video account may now have up to six user accounts as of 2020. Each of these individuals will get their own personalised suggestions, viewing history, season progress, and watchlist. A “Kids” profile is also accessible, which implies that only information acceptable for children will be shown in suggestions and search results. Unknowingly, children’s profiles may be barred from purchasing any programmes or flicks.

You can share your account with others

Amazon enables two people who each have their own account to set up an “Amazon Household.” This means parents may share Amazon Prime membership advantages with up to four children who don’t require Amazon accounts for the price of one subscription. So, for the usual Amazon Prime yearly cost, you get six members.

Amazon Prime shipping, the Prime Reading book library (a rotating catalogue of ebooks, audiobooks, and periodicals), 30-minute early access to Amazon “Lightning Deals,” and – you guessed it – access to the Amazon Prime Video subscription streaming catalogue are among the perks that may be shared.

A student Amazon Prime subscription is offered

Amazon Prime Student is simply a cheaper version of the standard Amazon Prime subscription. That means it costs £4.49 each month, or £47 per year. There are also a few extra incentives, such as 10% off chosen textbooks, apparel, shoes, and accessories, as well as stationery and other academic necessities. The key distinction is that Amazon Prime Student members cannot share their perks with other Amazon Household members.

Amazon Prime Video has a good range of movies and TV shows

Amazon Prime Video is just not as hip as Netflix; after all, one is a corporation that specialises in movies and television, while the other is an online shop that sells socks. However, Amazon Prime Video’s library is significantly superior than its image, with a rising number of originals and exclusives ranging from The Lord of the Rings TV series to The Boys, The Wheel of Time, The Underground Railroad, Bosch, The Marvellous Mrs Maisel, and Upload.

It is less expensive than Netflix

Amazon’s affordability is maybe its most appealing aspect. Amazon Prime Video costs £5.99 per month, including HD and 4K when available, which is less than Netflix’s normal SD £6.99 per month bundle – something that’s easy to ignore when the only alternative is a £79 annual Amazon Prime subscription.

12. Amazon Prime costs are rising, but Amazon Prime Video is not.

The monthly Amazon Prime membership fee will rise from £7.99 to £8.99 on September 15th, while the yearly fee will rise from £79 to £95. However, according to our knowledge, the Amazon Prime Video membership option will continue at £5.99 per month.

You may include “Amazon Channels”

Amazon has also launched “Amazon Channels” in the United Kingdom, which are a collection of subscription and premium services that may be added to your Amazon Prime membership as a customised package. Shudder (£4.99 per month), BFI Player, STARZPLAY, MUBI, and Hopster are some of the add-on services available. Many are discounted to persuade subscribers to join up via Amazon rather than elsewhere (if you have an account on any of these services outside of Amazon, those details are treated as a separate account). Click here for a comprehensive guide to Amazon Channels.

Amazon Prime Video is always being updated with new content

Visit our dedicated Amazon channel to stay up to speed on what’s new on Amazon Prime Video UK, including new releases, reviews, what’s leaving soon, and suggested box sets.


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