April 23, 2024

Roku Subscription: Pricing and What’s Included in Plan?

If you’re thinking about purchasing a Roku, you’re probably a little puzzled by the cost. You could be asking yourself similar things, such as: How much is Roku? Are the channels open? Is it necessary for me to sign up for a subscription? Can I rent movies through Roku? This Roku price guide tries to provide comprehensive answers to all of your inquiries.

roku subscription

Although Roku is one of the most affordable streaming devices available, there are other charges to consider when calculating the entire cost of utilising one. For starters, gadget costs vary greatly, but most uncertainty focuses on real channel pricing.

To clear up any misunderstanding, we’ll go through the prices of each Roku device. We’ll also go through the various costs for Roku channels, as well as any subscriptions you may choose. You may read our Roku beginner’s guide to learn more about Roku in general, and we also have a Roku history article if you’re curious about when Roku was released.

What Is the Total Cost of Roku?

The entire cost of utilising a Roku will vary according to the user. That’s because you must first choose a gadget, and they all range greatly in terms of pricing and functionality. Roku devices may range in price from $29 to several thousand dollars. What you desire determines how much you pay.

Aside from the gadget itself, there are charges associated with certain channels and streaming services. Some channels and services are free, while others need you to subscribe or pay a one-time price. Even those that do cost money do not have a predetermined price. It all depends on what you desire.

Furthermore, on-demand channels like Redbox provide a pay-as-you-go alternative. The first Redbox account is free, and you may then rent or buy movies as you see fit.

How Much Does Roku Cost?

We’ll go over all of the existing Roku devices, as well as their costs and features, in this section. From there, you may choose a device that meets your requirements (our Roku buyer’s guide covers each device in detail).

Roku Express:  This is the most affordable choice, but it can only broadcast in HD 1080p, not 4K. It comes with a simple remote. It’s ideal for first-time streamers, second TVs, or those on a tight budget.

Price: $17.99.

Premiere on Roku:  The Premiere may seem different, but it is essentially the same as the Express with one exception: it can stream in 4K.

Price: $27.50.

Roku Streaming Stick+:  This is the most portable Roku gadget. It’s approximately the size of a flash drive and connects right into the HDMI connector on your TV. It also contains the Enhanced Voice remote and a long-range wireless receiver.

Price: $54.79.

Ultra LT Roku: The Ultra LT is designed to be a long-term entertainment system. It comes with extended wifi and is the most affordable Roku with an Ethernet connector. You may use a micro SD card for additional channel storage, and it has the Enhanced Voice remote. It does not, however, come with an HDMI cable.

Price: $79.99.

Ultra Roku: The Ultra 4800R is the 2020 model. It is the most powerful and quickest choice available. It has the greatest wireless receiver as well as an Ethernet connector. In addition to 4K resolution, it has Bluetooth connection and can stream in Dolby Vision.

Price: $89.89.

Roku Smart Soundbar: The Smart Soundbar is an excellent choice if you want to boost the sound on your TV since it is essentially a loud speaker with a Roku player built in. It supports Dolby Audio and offers a variety of sound modes and voice clarity settings. It also features Bluetooth compatibility and a USB connector for local playback. It includes the Voice remote.

Price: $339.99.

Roku Streambar: This is another model for 2020. It’s essentially the same as the Smart Soundbar, but less expensive and smaller. The biggest difference is that it lacks a dedicated Ethernet connector, however you may attach an Ethernet adapter through the USB port. You receive the Voice remote, just as with the Smart Soundbar.

Price: $128.99

Roku Television: This is the most costly option to get a Roku player, but it may be worthwhile if you’re already seeking to update your television. A TV with a built-in Roku player provides a distinct smart TV experience. It includes the Simple remote.

Price: Due to the various brands and sizes available, we can’t give you an exact price, but they start around $279.99 and can go into the thousands.

What Are the Prices for Roku Channels?

Channels on Roku may range in price, as we’ve already explained. We’ll give you the gist of the many channel kinds and prices you can encounter, but if you want more information, check out our in-depth article on Roku channels. To begin, the software packages known as “Roku TV channels” are really merely applications rebranded by Roku. Roku, like many other devices, allows you to install TV channels and streaming service applications, such as Amazon Prime Video and Netflix (also read our Roku vs Firestick comparison).

The Roku Channel Store also has hundreds of channels you may browse through (including local channels). The Roku Channel is a specialised channel available only on Roku players. There is a tonne of free, ad-supported material, and some paid extras that are optional.

However, the presence of both “Roku channels” and “The Roku Channel” contributed to the initial muddle. The second option is only an additional app.

Network stations like FOX News and ABC, as well as many others, are available without paying a dime. In addition, there are a few free applications that provide a variety of material for users to enjoy, such as Pluto TV, which provides access to a number of on-demand movies and TV series in addition to free sports, news, and live TV channels (for more information, check out our guide to the Roku Live TV Zone).

Paid Roku Channels

There is also premium material, which may be purchased either once or on a recurring basis. For instance, you may be considering dropping your cable or satellite service but would want to have access to the same channel selection. This may be done by signing up for a service like Hulu, which costs $5.99 per month, or FuboTV or Sling TV, which cost $30 and $20, respectively. A Netflix or Apple TV subscription may be more appealing if you want to watch movies and TV shows. Oh, and don’t overlook the Disney enthusiasts who could be interested in subscribing to Disney+. Pricing for such services might begin at $9.99 per month. If you’re interested in learning more about the pricing structure of Disney Plus, we’ve got a comprehensive guide for that, as well as another if you’re hoping to sign up for a free trial.

After the initial outlay for the hardware, watching high-quality TV would cost you nothing. The price of content will vary greatly depending on your preferences and the materials you currently own.

In order to calculate your total monthly use cost, add up the prices of all the cable or satellite channels you wish to watch and any streaming services you use. Though, keep in mind that you could already have subscriptions to some of them before purchasing a Roku.

Is a Roku subscription required?

The Roku streaming media player does not need a monthly subscription. Stop communicating with anybody who attempts to sell you a Roku membership or “lifetime Netflix offer” and you can rest assured that you are not dealing with a legitimate company.

After you’ve paid for your gadget, you’re done with it. After that, it’s up to you whether you want to add any premium channels or subscriptions to your account. However, there are several risk-free options to try out. Simply add the channel to your Roku homepage, and then sign in with your credentials to access your existing subscriptions. You may adjust your Roku subscriptions and add a credit card or other payment method to your account if you like.

Our Roku free channels guide will help you get the most out of your streaming player without breaking the bank.

Final Thoughts

If you were wondering how much a Roku TV would cost, we hope our pricing guide helped. The cost of the gadget is all there is to it. No Roku membership is required. Only if you want to subscribe to a channel or service, or buy a single piece of material, will you have to pay anything over the normal price. You’ll never be out of the loop when it comes to Roku streaming possibilities since new channels and material are introduced often and devices are updated automatically. If you want to watch content like YouTube TV that is blocked in your country, our best VPN for Roku guide will come in handy. The instructions in our article on Roku and YouTube TV might be useful as well.

Here you may find tips on how to set up Roku and how to add channels to Roku, in case you’re ready to start streaming with Roku.


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