April 23, 2024

Showtime Subscription: Pricing and What’s Included in Plan?

Showtime has produced scores of original television episodes since it first went on the air more than 40 years ago. Some of these shows include The Chi, Billions, Couples Therapy, Ziwe, and The L Word: Generation Q. Showtime broadcasts movies, stand-up specials, boxing fights, and mixed martial arts bouts in addition to the programming it airs on television. In addition, the network has its very own streaming service, known as Showtime.com.

showtime subscription

This site not only provides users with access to hundreds of hours’ worth of movies and television series, but also enables them to watch live broadcasts of their favorite shows and boxing fights. Users are able to download entire episodes of their favorite TV series and movies to watch offline while using the service that does not display advertisements. There is also no need for a cable. Continue reading to find out how long the free trial of Showtime lasts and which promotions are currently being offered by the service.

What are Showtime’s current deals?

Showtime does not currently have any discounts available; however, in the past, the service has been discounted to 99 cents a month in conjunction with an Amazon Prime membership on occasions such as Amazon Prime Day, Black Friday, and throughout the holidays.

How much does it cost to subscribe to Showtime?

Showtime may be purchased for $10.99 per month or for $99 per year, with the latter option resulting in a savings of around $32 per month compared to the former. In addition, for an additional dollar and a half each month, Showtime subscribers may bundle their services with Paramount Plus. The ad-supported version of Paramount Plus, known as Paramount Premium, will set you back $4.99 a month, while the ad-free version, known as Paramount Essential, will cost you $9.99 per month. (The purchase of this package grants access to Paramount Premium.) Users who subscribe to both Showtime and Paramount Plus may expect to save around $4 per month by purchasing the combo.

How long does the free trial for Showtime last?

The free trial period for Showtime is thirty days, which is three weeks longer than the free trial periods offered by rivals like Paramount Plus and HBO Max, which are just seven days. Showtime subscribers may now join up for a free trial of the network’s programming on Hulu and Amazon Prime Video, in addition to Showtime.com. Showtime is available for a free trial period of thirty days on Hulu, however Amazon Prime Video only provides a seven-day trial period.

How to sign up for Showtime’s free trial?

Continue reading to find out how you can sign up for a free trial of Showtime on Showtime.com, Hulu, or Amazon Prime Video.

Showtime Free Trial 30-Day 

Showtime.com provides users with a free trial for 30 days. When the user’s free trial of Showtime comes to an end, they will have the option to subscribe to the service for $10.99 per month or $99 per year (which would save them around $32 off the monthly pricing). Showtime.com is now offering a limited-time promotion in which consumers may subscribe to the service for the low price of $3.99 for the first four months.

This represents a savings of $28 compared to the standard pricing. Concerning the content that can be found on Showtime.com, the website provides access to dozens of original Showtime television programmes, including Shameless, Ziwe, Billions, and the latest iteration of the Dexter franchise, titled Dexter: New Blood. Showtime live broadcasts are available to subscribers on both the east and west coasts, and subscribers also get access to hundreds of movies, documentaries, and other types of programming.

Showtime is now offering a free trial on Hulu

In addition to its own free trial period of 30 days, Hulu also provides a free trial of the streaming service provided by Showtime. The standard membership to the service, which includes advertisements and costs $6.99 per month, gives users access to more than 1,650 television series and 2,500 films. The monthly rate for using the ad-fee plan is $12.99. Each package includes a free trial period of thirty days. Hulu also has a live-tv package known as Hulu+ With Live TV.

This subscription gives users access to Hulu’s collection of movies and TV series in addition to more than 75 live channels and 50 hours of digital video recording space. The fact that Hulu With Live TV comes with a free trial for a week is, however, the service’s most appealing feature. If a user decides to subscribe to Hulu+ With Live TV after their free trial has concluded, the cost of the service is $65 per month.

Showtime is now offering a free trial with Amazon Prime Video

As a channel to its own streaming service, Amazon Prime Video provides users with a free trial of Showtime’s streaming service for a period of seven days. Users will need to be Amazon Prime subscribers in order to sign up for the free trial of Showtime that is offered via Amazon Prime Video.

A free trial of Amazon Prime is available for a period of 30 days and includes all of the perks that come with Amazon Prime membership, including free two-day delivery, Prime Music, and more. If you are a student, the duration of the free trial is extended even further. The free trial period for Student Prime is six months, which is five months longer than the free trial period for ordinary Prime (which is thirty days). However, the fact that users may sign up for the free trial of Amazon Prime Video more than once is arguably the feature that stands out the most.

According to Amazon, customers may register for the free trial of Amazon Prime Video as many times as they like so long as it isn’t inside the same calendar year each time. This indicates that you are qualified to earn another 30 days of free Amazon Prime membership if you haven’t been a member for more than a year. If this describes your situation, read on.

What should I watch on Showtime?

What should I watch on Showtime? Since it began broadcasting its own original content for the first time in 1982, Showtime has produced scores of films and television shows, the majority of which are now accessible via the network’s streaming service. Continue reading for a rundown of what’s now airing on Showtime.


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