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Sky Subscription: Pricing and What’s Included in Plan?

sky q subscription

The launch of Sky Glass and Sky Stream has made the finest Sky TV offers even more appealing. For the time being, the Sky Glass TV will coexist with the more traditional, satellite dish-based Sky Q, while the Sky Stream box is marketed as “the cheapest way to access Sky and Netflix.” Sky TV is now the finest entertainment option available, but it is not inexpensive. Fortunately, there are some ever-innovative Sky TV and Sky Q bundles with internet included and channels added on that may assist. With Sky Sports robust UHD offering and add-ons like Sky Multiscreen, this is a great time to upgrade or perhaps move.

sky q subscription

Sky combines top-tier sports with the finest drama and comedy from the UK and US, as well as the biggest blockbusters before they are available on rival providers, and most of it in 4K. And it now delivers Netflix plus Disney Plus in 4K HDR, providing you a plethora of original material and an extensive library to binge on.

We’ll go over all of your alternatives, as well as inform you about Sky Glass specials, how to acquire them, and what they have to offer. So, here are the greatest Sky TV offers, bundles, and packages, as well as instructions on how to get them. Enjoy your watching!

What is a Sky Q?

Sky Q is Sky’s next generation of dish-based home entertainment, succeeding Sky+. It provides a wide range of channels including drama, comedy, nature, kids, films, and sports programming in a bundle that includes 4K visual quality, the option to stop and rewind live channels, and complete multi-room functionality. Sky HDR content is now accessible on both Disney Plus and Netflix. Sky Sports also broadcasts the Premier League in HDR.

How can you get Sky Q?

A Sky Q Box is required to access Sky Q. It can record up to 500 hours of standard definition TV, record six channels while viewing a seventh, and display HD and 4K UHD material. To view Sky, you’ll also need a satellite dish, albeit we’ve been informed that Sky will soon be accessible through the internet.

What is a Sky Glass?

Sky Glass is Sky’s new dishless Sky service, which is supplied solely over the internet and via a Sky-branded television. There are three Sky Glass TV sizes to select from, as well as Sky subscription offers. You pay a different amount up front depending on the size of the TV you choose, and the remainder is spread out over a 24-month or 48-month contract. Find out more and check out the Sky Glass pricing.

What is a Sky Stream?

Sky Stream is a standalone hardware, similar to Apple TV, that allows you to watch Sky on any TV without a satellite dish. It offers much of the Sky Glass experience and is simple to set up (you just plug it into a spare HDMI port on your TV). On the negative side, 4K, HDR, and Atmos are not included, and there is a signal delay when compared to Sky Q.

Is Sky+ still available?

No. While Sky+ clients are still supported, Sky Q is the sole option for new consumers.

What is the price of the Sky Q boxes?

The base Sky Q subscription includes a 1TB box and enables you to view material in up to HD definition. The basic TV bundle costs £26 per month and includes Netflix, Sky Atlantic, Sky Originals, Sky Sports News, 300 channels, 500 Sky box sets, 40 catch-up services, and access to content via the Sky Go app. With the £8-per-month HD bolt on, you may upgrade to over 40 HD. Alternatively, for £12 per month, you can get the Ultra HD + HD add-on, which offers selected sport and Sky Originals in 4K, as well as Netflix Premium. The latter seems to be a foregone conclusion.

Finally, for an extra £15 per month (£41 total, without the HD + UHD bolt-on), you can add Sky Multiscreen and watch Sky programming on a second TV through the Sky Q small box.

You may add TV channels in bundles like Sky Sports, Sky Box Sets, Sky Entertainment, and so on to any of these Sky Q selections.

Sky Ultimate Television

Sky TV’s basic bundle includes over 300 channels that encompass entertainment, documentaries, music, and sports. Sky Atlantic, Sky One, Fox, MTV, Gold, Comedy Central, Quest, Syfy, E!, Discovery, National Geographic, Sky Sports News, Eurosport, and Sky Sports Mix are just a few examples. Sky TV & Netflix also provides free access to Netflix and over 500 Sky Box sets.

That includes programmes like Big Little Lies, Last Chance U, The Umbrella Academy, Last Week Tonight With John Oliver, Chernobyl, Gomorrah, Riviera, The White Lotus, This England, and Succession. Sky Ultimate TV (opens in a new tab) costs £26 per month for the first 18 months for new subscribers (plus six months broadband included for a limited time). Now that you’ve received your beginning kit, it’s time to add some extras.

Sky Sports & Entertainment

Sky Sports provides additional sports channels than the basic Sky TV bundle. Individual channels devoted to Premier League football, the Football League, cricket, F1, NFL, and golf are available, all in HD. Sky Sports Arena (basketball, racing, bowling), Sky Sports Main Event (golf, cricket, rugby), and Sky Sports News are also available.

You’ll be able to view some of these stations in 4K UHD and the Premier League in HDR if you have the appropriate bundle.

Sky Cinema

Sky has 12 film channels as well as over 1,000 on-demand movies. Every day of the year, it also presents a new premiere. Sky presently offers a Sky TV plus Sky Cinema beginning combo for £38 (opens in new tab), which is a good place to start if movies are your priority.

HD + Ultra HD

The Ultra HD + HD add-on is your passport to Sky’s 4K programming. It grants access to 4K films and 4K sports on Sky Cinema and Sky Sport, respectively. Keep in mind, though, that not all films and sports are accessible in UHD – but, as we get closer to 2022, more 4K HDR will be available.

The second advantage of this very inexpensive addition is that it upgrades your Netflix access to Netflix Premium, which provides 4K content via Netflix (of which there is plenty) as well as simultaneous Netflix watching on up to four devices.

Sky Sports BT Sport

Just because you have Sky doesn’t mean you can’t watch other sports channels. Sky users may get the four BT Sport channels on a one-month rolling contract for £25. You may watch Premier League football, UEFA Champions League, Bundesliga, UFC, and other events using these.

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