April 23, 2024

Solutions to Recover Emails From an Old Outlook Account

The best solution to get back all your deleted data is to have it saved on a certain storage device. It’s a very simple thing to do. People frequently remove messages from their Outlook accounts. When the email is erased and you wish to recover it, a problem occurs. You can retrieve your deleted Outlook messages with the use of this guide.

Solutions to Recover Emails From an Old Outlook Account

Making sure you have access to the old email account is the first step in recovering an old email account. This technique won’t work for you if you can’t access the previous email address.

If you don’t have access, then using a third-party recovery program like Exorite, which can easily retrieve your deleted Outlook messages, can be a solution.

The Whole Guide To Message Recovery From an Old Outlook Account

Make sure you have a backup of your messages before you start collecting them from your old Outlook account. You can use an online email retrieval tool to recover them all. Users who already have a backup of their messages and want to retrieve them from an old Outlook account should refer to this tutorial.

Log in with your Office 365 credentials. Launch the “Outlook” program. To change your account settings, click “File” in the top-left corner. Select your former Outlook account by scrolling down to the left pane of the window. After selecting “Details,” select “recover messages.” For permission to recover deleted items, you will be prompted. 

Choose whether you want Outlook to instantly recover all messages and put them back in their original folders, or whether you want it to move them all automatically into a separate folder. Now click on recovery! Allow Outlook to transfer all of your messages from your old inbox to your new account while you wait.

Tips for Tracking Down Outdated Email Addresses

  • Doing a search on Google To find a forgotten email address with Google Search, you’ll need to take the following steps:
  • Just type “old email” into Google’s search bar. It will provide a list of results that contains many archived email services including AOL, Hotmail, and Gmail. Further, the search box allows you to search for certain suppliers by entering their names. For instance, you would type “Comcast messages” into the search bar to get Comcast messages on the GOOGLE website.
  • Search for the company that offers the email account you want, and then enter the website’s address into your browser. For instance, if you type “Comcast messages” into Google, Comcast will appear. From there, you can search for archived email accounts or get in touch with Comcast by visiting their website.
  • Upon arriving at the provider’s website, scroll down until you see “Account History” under “Accounts & Settings” or “My Account.” All of your previous email addresses will be listed in chronological order beneath that area, along with the dates they were created.

How Do I Remove Deleted Items or Folder From a Previous Outlook Account?

There are several ways to retrieve messages from an old outlook account if you have lost or deleted text folders. One of the easiest ways is to use a third-party tool like outlook recovery. With the aid of this program, you may quickly retrieve every deleted communication from your previous Outlook account. So, Outlook retrieval is a method worth considering if you’re seeking a technique to retrieve lost mail from your old Outlook account.

Current Email Folders (.PST) (.GPT) From a PST File (.OST)

Microsoft Outlook’s default file format is PST. Messages, contacts, calendars, and tasks may all be kept in one consolidated file using them. Microsoft Exchange Server is also compatible with PST files.

Because it takes a lot of time and effort, converting a PST file into current email folders is not simple. However, you can use applications like ConverterXML, ConvertPSTtoOST, and Convert PSt GPT to assist you in this conversion process.

An automated program called Convert PSt GPT turns your PST file into the current email folders (.GPT). Another program that enables you to change your PST file into current email folders is ConverterXML (.OST).

How to Create One PST File Format from All Stored Messages (.PST)

Microsoft Outlook utilizes a proprietary file format called PST. Microsoft Outlook and other email clients that use the Microsoft Exchange Server use it as their default email file format.

Microsoft Outlook and other email clients that use the Microsoft Exchange Server use it as their default email file format. You now know how to export or make recovery of all your saved messages into PST files for storage on your PC or in a cloud service.


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