sundancetv com activate

Activate Sundance TV at on TV, Android TV, Samsung TV, Roku, Fire TV stick and other streaming devices. Find the activation instructions for Sundance TV.

sundancetv com activate

Sundance TV, a TV Everywhere channel, is a channel that requires viewers to sign up through an allied provider to enjoy all the benefits offered by the channel. You can still watch some episodes of on-demand content from the Sundance TV on-demand library even without a Sundance TV subscription. You can connect this channel on your television and stream Law and Order and the interviews of celebrities from the Sundance TV Festival. To know more about how to activate Sundance TV with activate URL, go through the information provided below. 

How do you activate the Sundance TV feature on your streaming devices?

You have already stated that you need an account to access the complete content of this channel. 

But that doesn’t mean that you can’t be able to access some of its free shows. It means that more exciting shows are unavailable if you’ve not fulfilled the required subscription and activation requirements. 

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Then, we’ll discuss what you can do to make Sundance TV activate on your streaming device to begin streaming video content on the channel. 

Remember that you must have signed up before activating Sundance TV on your streaming device. 

If you’re not yet subscribed, you can still sign up for through your mobile device, but only with limited access to content. 

Using TV Activation code

Visit from your web browser. Enter the activation code from TV screen. Click Submit. Log in with your TV cable provider. Once verified, You can stream Sundance on your device.

How to activate Sundance TV on Smart TV?

For any activation procedure for TV, the process must be done via the TV application, and is no exception.

  1. You must install the Sundance TV application on your Android TV from the Play store. 
  2. Then you can start the app for the first time. 
  3. You can do this by returning to the screen that you used to be home on your Android TV, as you will be able to see your Sundance TV up on your screen. 
  4. After you’ve done this, you must start Sundance TV. Sundance TV app. 
  5. You might be asked to sign in to the app to access the activation key included in the application. 
  6. If you spot an activation number, don’t be afraid to copy the code. 
  7. Now using a browser, open the activation URL
  8. The activation screen provides you with a place in which you can enter the activation code given to you after you first open your app. You also downloaded the Sundance TV app. 
  9. Once you have entered the code for activation, hit submit. That’s it! You have now activated the Sundance TV app on your Android TV. 
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The next thing you’ll be required to do is begin streaming unlimited content on Sundance TV if you already have a subscription. Still, if you don’t have one, you can stream a limited amount of content once you have activated the activation. 

How Do I Activate Sundance on Apple TV? 

If you’re already an Apple TV user, you can use it via the Sundance TV app on it using the following instructions for activation. Ensure you keep your device running the most current OS to avoid any issues. 

  1. On the screen that is home on your Apple TV, select the App Store app. 
  2. You can find your Sundance TV application by using the search feature within the App Store. 
  3. Click the Get button on the app’s preview screen to begin the installation. 
  4. Once you’ve finished installing After installation, press “Open” to launch the application. 
  5. You’ll see an activation code appear on your screen. 
  6. Now, open a browser on another device and visit
  7. The next screen you will see is that of the Sundance TV activation page.
  8. Input the code into the provided field, then press the submit option. 
  9. After that, sign in using your credentials from your TV Provider account. 
  10. You’re Sundance TV app is now activated for the Apple TV.
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