April 23, 2024

Why is ESPN+ not Working on Smart TV?

ESPN is the ultimate haven for sports lovers. After it became one of the most popular esports platforms, ESPN launched its mobile application that allows users to stay in touch with their favorite sports. There are several reasons why the ESPN app may not work. Luckily, everything is fixable and can be resolved with a few simple steps.

Why is ESPN not Working on Smart TV?

Issues that may happen along with their solution:

Check the compatibility of the device:

Android and iOS devices are constantly being updated to new versions with new and improved features. Mobile phones become obsolete after a while. Your phone may not receive updates to support heavier apps with the latest features. To ensure your device is compatible with the ESPN app:

  • Navigate to the Play Store (for Android) or App Store (for iOS) and search for ESPN.
  • Scroll down to view app information.
  • Check compatibility. You can compare it with your current operating system.

Check internet connection:

ESPN is an app that delivers sports bulletins when connected to the Internet. It may not work because your phone may be experiencing internet connectivity issues.

Check your Wi-Fi connection or mobile network and reconnect to allow the app to work. To check your internet connection:

  • Navigate to your phone’s Settings.
  • Tap Wi-Fi to open the list of available networks.
  • Switch tabs to view all available Internet connections. Connect to the network or another available network that is operational.
  • Connecting to public Wi-Fi or unsecured Wi-Fi is dangerous. We recommend that you choose a network that you are familiar with.

If your phone is working fine, try rebooting your router and see if that helps. If it doesn’t, it’s better to contact your service provider, who can assist you. There are several possible reasons why the Internet is not working. The most common reasons are unpaid bills, router settings changes, and networks out of range. Your service provider will guide you to restore your Internet connection. Don’t forget to test your internet speed to make sure your network is working properly.

Re-start app:

App restarts are probably the most basic rule of thumb since the advent of smartphones. Whether ESPN is frozen or glitched, restarting the app can fix the issue. Restarting apps can clear memory, improve processing speed, and extend battery life. Multiple apps running in the background can also be the reason ESPN is not loading or working on your phone. You can reduce crashes and lags by simply closing and reopening the ESPN app.

Check the ESPN+ server:

ESPN+ is for users who want to improve their sports streaming. The user must subscribe to his ESPN+ app to receive all exclusive content.

If your ESPN+ subscription is not working, it may be due to a service outage. You can check if ESPN+ is working properly by visiting a website like Downdetector.com and checking the platform status. The website will display the connection anomaly and why the ESPN app is not working. You can then go to the ESPN support page to report streaming-related issues.

Clear cache:

The cache stores app information that you may need soon. Reduce load times and open the desired page immediately. ESPN can stop working if there are too many cache files accumulating.

Check your device whether it’s in airplane mode:

If your device is in airplane mode, you may not be able to connect to the ESPN app. You can turn on Wi-Fi without turning off airplane mode, as an internet connection is required to get real-time sports news from the app. To use the internet on cellular networks, do not put your phone in airplane mode. To disable airplane mode from your device, go to Settings and look for Airplane mode. Then switch tabs to disable it.

Reboot device:

The ESPN app may not be working properly due to corrupted files on your phone. In this case, rebooting the device may be the best option. Whether you’re restarting a Samsung Galaxy phone or an iPhone, restarting the phone clears memory, speeds things up, and closes all RAM-consuming content from the phone. Make sure to shut down all the apps that were going, in the background prior to restarting your phone. Power cycle the device and ESPN should work normally.

Update app:

A common reason why apps stop working in older versions is that newer versions get useful fixes and improvements. You might get a fix for the error or glitch and that could be the reason why the ESPN app won’t load.

Navigate to the App Store or Google Play Store and look for the ESPN app. If your h update is available, you’ll find an update button. In another case, if you don’t find the update button, that means your app is already up to date.


ESPN is the ultimate sports channel with its app and online streaming service, but sometimes the app doesn’t work for various reasons. Please check your internet connection or see if your phone is in airplane mode to establish a secure connection. If the issue still persists, restart the app and device. You may not be able to play videos on ESPN due to the old OS or app versions. Make sure your device and app are updated for smooth streaming.


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