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Why is Hotstar not Working on Smart TV?

Why is Hotstar not Working on Smart TV?

Disney+ Hotstar, one of India’s most popular services, is an exclusive IPL streaming service. On the other hand, users recently reported that there are problems with the Disney+ Hotstar service as it does not work on any device including smart TVs like Samsung, Xiaomi, LG, Realme, Sony, and even Apple TV. So, if you got the same error, you couldn’t watch your huge library of movies and TV shows.

Why is Hotstar not Working on Smart TV?

Issues regarding Hotstar in Smart TV along with their solution:

Reboot smart tv:

If you don’t see any content on your screen, please note: If you have a USB device connected, we recommend disconnecting the device before performing the reset.

TV features may vary by model and menu. For better support, please visit the manufacturer’s official support page.

  • Using the Remote Control:
    • Tap and hold the power button for some moments till the TV automatically restarts, or select the restart option if it appears. The TV will probably reboot within a minute.
  • Using power cord:
    • Unplug the power cord.
    • Unplug the TV and wait 2 minutes. Connect the power cord once more to the power source.

Check internet connection:

Being an OTT platform, it requires an active and stable internet connection. Also, check your internet connection. To do this, use, Ookla Speed ​​Test, or search for Speed ​​Test on Google. HotStar API is blocked in WLAN, and Disney+ Hotstar almost never works properly. To fix this, you can use the following fixes listed below. Enable 2.4 GHz if you are using a dual-band Wi-Fi router. Each OEM uses a different admin page. Therefore, if you run into problems, use your router’s manual or seek help from the manufacturer’s support page or forums. Open your Wi-Fi router’s dashboard and go to the 5GHz band menu. Disable the 5GHz band and enable the 2.4GHz band. Then Click Save.

Reboot network:

Switch to a different Connection:

  • Unplug and turn off your home network devices, such as modems and wireless routers. Power on the device, restart it and connect the device after a few minutes.
  • Try Disney+ Hotstar again.
  • Check the Wi-Fi range, and connect it within the range of the network of your device.
  • Use Wi-Fi instead of a Cellular data network.

Change DNS Settings:

Changing DNS on your Smart TV may vary by operating system and manufacturer. Go through the official support page for further instructions.

  • Open Smart TV settings.
  • From there go to Network and then Wi-Fi Connections.
  • Then click Advanced Wireless Settings.
  • Click Edit and clear the Set Automatically check box.
  • Convert DNS 1 to and DNS 2 to
  • Click Connect and reboot the device.

Disable VPN:

Generally, you won’t be able to install Smart TV unless you are using the Android TV operating system. Here you can download the VPN application from the Google Play Store. On the other hand, if you’re using a Fire Stick or Fire TV and have installed a VPN by sideloading a third-party source.

  • Open the VPN app and look for a switch or button to turn it off from there.
  • Click Disable to disable VPN.

Relog-in into your account:

  • To log out, open the menu and go to My Account.
  • Select Sign Out.
  • Now open. Open the menu and then My Account. A code is displayed. Visit on your laptop or mobile phone to get your verification code.
  • After entering the code, click Start Watch to confirm and continue playing Disney+ Hotstar.

Update app:

  • Click the home button to open the app library.
  • From there go to My Apps, select
  • Updates, and click All.
  • Then click Update All.

Clear cache:

  • Tap the home button and navigate to settings.
  • Go to Support and select Device Care.
  • Click Start Device Care and select Manage Storage displayed at the bottom of the screen.
  • Apps are installed. Select the app and open View details.
  • In the right pane, click Clear data and cache.

Check HDM1 cable:

If you want to get input, check if your port and have chosen the exact same input cycle, if you are using HDMI cable then. Say, if you are giving input through HDMI1 then make sure that the remote-control cycle is through the HDMI1 port.

  • Check HDMI and make sure the connected device is powered on.
  • Unplug and plug the HDMI cable and reconnect the HDMI cable.
  • Try another HDMI cable.
  • Double-check the output of the connected video device.

Reinstall app:

You can fix this problem by reinstalling the app itself due to corruption or an unexpected error that causes the error.

  • Press the Home button to go to Apps.
  • Go to Settings and select the app you want to remove. Select the app and click Remove.
  • This app icon is currently grayed out. If you can’t find the greyed-out icon, you’ll need to search for the app using the search icon in the top right corner.
  • Search for apps and start installation
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