April 23, 2024

Why is Roku not Working on Smart TV?

If Roku isn’t working on your smart TV. it can be one of several different issues. Some of the common issues are described below with their solution. Follow this guide to know all you need to know about the fixes of Roku on your TV.

Roku not working

How to fix Roku issues?

Pair Roku remote properly:

Another common cause for Roku remotes not working is that the controller has been disconnected from the box it was supposed to be operating on. Any use of a device, or a simple technical glitch, could theoretically cause an unexpected unpairing.

  • Thankfully, it’s easy to pair the Roku remote with a Roku box or streaming stick. Follow these instructions:
  • Unplug the Roku box.
  • Wait 10 seconds to reconnect the box and wait for the welcome page to load. Locate the pairing button on the
  • remote control. Hold the button for 5 seconds or until the Roku remote flashes.
  • Note that some older Roku models came with an IR pointer instead of using a Wi-Fi connection. If your IR Roku remote is not working, make sure there is no dirt blocking the controller or the box/TV receiver. Also, make sure the line of sight of the remote to the Roku box is clear.

Check HDMI interface:

In an official document, Roku admits that some model remotes suffer from interference from nearby HDMI cables. This issue is especially common with Roku streaming sticks that plug directly into your TV’s HDMI port. HDMI cable extender usage can be a solution. This allows you to place your streaming stick further away from your TV’s HDMI port. You can use any HDMI extender you have at home. But if you don’t already have one, Roku will send you a short extender for free. To claim your free cable, simply fill out the appropriate form on the Roku website.

Check internet connection:

If you’ve followed all the troubleshooting tips for your Roku remote and still have no success, your Wi-Fi connection may be the culprit. You don’t need an internet connection to connect the Roku remote to the box, but you do need a working local area network. If the local network goes down for any reason, the remote will not work until connectivity is restored. You might go through router settings if you have enough technical knowledge. Something may have happened that is causing the remote-control connection to be blocked.

Reset your Roku remote:

You can reset your Roku remote by performing a specific sequence during the box or stick boot process. Follow these steps to reset the Roku remote:

  • Remove the battery from the Roku remote. Disconnect power from the
  • Roku box/stick (or if your IR Roku remote is still working, go to Settings > System > System Reboot > Reboot).
  • Wait 10 seconds and reconnect power to the Roku box.
  • Wait for the splash screen to load. Put the battery back into the Roku remote.

Official Roku app:

Using your smartphone as a Roku remote isn’t ideal, but there is an official Roku remote app that you can download for free and use on both Android and iOS. This is a reliable temporary workaround.  Before opening the app for the first time, make sure the app is on the same Wi-Fi network as your Roku streaming device.

Once the app is loaded, you will notice the discovery screen after the app is loaded. So, keep patience for a few moments for the process to complete. Your Roku box should appear in the list. Tap your name to connect. Besides being used as a Roku TV remote, the Roku app has a lot of great features that make it worth using. This includes access to free TV shows and movies on your device through Roku channels, the ability to use your device’s headphone jack for private listening, keyboard support (and voice input on some models), and how to cast content from. Display your device on your TV screen.

Troubleshooting the Roku app:

If your Phone app can’t see your Roku box, there are several possible causes:

  • Network Access: Ensure that your Roku box has enabled network access. Check by going to Settings > System > Advanced system settings > Mobile app control > Network access. You need to make sure the Default or Allow option is selected.
  • VPN: Please note that the Roku Remote app will not work if your phone or Roku box is connected to a VPN.

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