April 23, 2024

4 Steps to Watch Location Locked Ghost Films and TV

It’s a debate as old as scary movies themselves – which country makes the best haunted films and TV? 

Globally, horror movies and ghost tales are a huge business, but sometimes you need to watch this content and it’s only available in another country. 

The horror and ghost movie industry is worth around $1 billion annually. Not only is there a lot of content out there, but it’s also spread all over the globe – think movies like Korea’s Train to Busan or the series Paranormal out of Egypt. 

When you hear about a new ghost-focused TV series but it’s not available on your chosen streaming service in your country, how do you get to watch it? 

We’ve got a simple, four-step guide to help you stream ghost and horror series no matter where you are in the world. 

Photo by Daniel Jensen on Unsplash

Step 1 – Download a VPN

Whenever you connect to the internet, your location is logged through an internet protocol, or IP, address. This means that the websites you visit and services you use can figure out a general location for you – and restrict the content you can watch based on this. 

Content gets restricted by country for different reasons, such as deals with different platforms. If you’re overseas and don’t want to miss the next episode of your favorite series, you need to change that IP address, which you can easily do with a VPN. 

In simple terms, when you access the internet with a VPN turned on, you can mask the true location you browse from. You can learn more about VPNs, but that’s the basic idea. Choose one that lets you choose the country you connect through and download it to your devices. 

Step 2 – Choose your location

Once your VPN software is installed, it’s time to get it set so you can watch content from different countries. This is going to work on any device, such as:

  • Your phone;
  • Your tablet;
  • Your PC;
  • Your smart TV.

When you connect using the VPN, you can choose the location where you will browse from. If you want to watch content on the BBC, for example, then you will want to set your location to the UK. 

Step 3 – Login to your service

After you set the location on your VPN, it’s time to log in to the service you want to use. If the scary series you want to watch is on a paid TV service like Netflix or Amazon Prime, you’re still going to need the subscription, though. 

Each service will behave slightly differently, but it’s a good idea to sign out of the platform you use before you connect to the VPN. Once connected, sign back in and it should recognize that you’re accessing it from a different country and present you location-specific content. 

In the unlikely event that it doesn’t pick up your new location, you may want to access the site through an incognito or private browser – this should get things working for you. 

Step 4 – Watch!

You’re now good to go! You can scare yourself to your heart’s content. 

You’ll be able to jump around the world hunting for the best ghost and paranormal content available. You shouldn’t notice anything different on lots of platforms, but if you want to access content on a Japanese or Spanish site, for example, you might need to translate the page to know what’s going on. 

Watching haunted movies from around the world

TV and movies are global products but sometimes, you might not be able to watch the shows you want due to geographic restrictions. Using a VPN will allow you to alter your browsing location so that you can watch the content you love on the services you already use.


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