Are you in search of entertainment with no obligations? Then Redbox is available on Roku and is the perfect option for you. With a wide selection of shows and films to select from, streaming content without subscription plans is possible. 


On this platform, you can stream movies or TV shows you like by renting them as individual rentals. It is not necessary to sign up for an account on this platform. Now you can also see live TV for free. 

This post will give you all the information you need about this fantastic streaming service. 

How much does Redbox streaming cost? 

The price of rentals or purchasing of movies and television shows on this platform is contingent upon the time of their release and ratings. After being rented, it will be available for 30 days to view. If you decide to start watching it, you must finish it in 48 hours. But you can go through the content whenever you’d like if you buy it. 

  1. Rentals of movies and TV Shows – range from $1.99 and $20.
  2. Buys in the form of Movies and TV shows – beginning at $14.99
  3. Live TV is absolutely at no cost 
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How do I Watch Redbox to Roku Device?

It is possible to download Redbox on Roku using a straightforward process that requires only two steps. 

  1. Switch on the Roku device. Then, you can launch on the Roku home display using the Home button on your remote. 
  2. Click to open the “Streaming Channels” option in the left menu. This will allow you to access the Roku Channel Store. 
  3. Choose “Search Channels” and enter “Redbox” in the search box. Select the channel from the results of your search. 
  4. You need to click “Add Channel” to download the application to your Roku. 
  5. After completing your process, tap “Ok” in the confirmation prompt. 
  6. Launch the Redbox app on your Roku.
  7. Sign in with Redbox account username and password.
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How do I Activate Redbox to Roku? 

The last step before purchasing or renting all of your most-loved shows or movies and enjoying a fantastic time watching them is to enable Redbox on Roku. 

  1. Open the downloaded Redbox application to your Roku and log in to your account with the correct credentials. 
  2. In your notebook, note your activate code at the top of the screen. 
  3. Now, pick up a gadget that supports a web browser and go to www.redbox.com/register-roku
  4. Enter the code for activation mentioned earlier and log into the Redbox account. The account will be activated and load all the content available on Roku. 
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Redbox Subscription Plan Redbox 

Live TV Free 

  1. TV or movie Renting starts at $1.99 to $20 
  2. TV shows and movies Start at $14.99 (price is determined by the date of release and the rating of the film). 

Note: For rental, you can watch for 30 days before you can start, and after that, you’ll have 48 hours to finish the show. If you buy a film or TV show, you can go through https://www.redbox.com/register-roku at any time you’d like.