Apple TV Channels are simple way to sign-up for your favorite channels and access everything they offer on Apple TV. Apple TV app, with the App Store taking care of all billing. But, for CBS, it’s possible to use the iTunes TV channel account to log in to the official CBS applications and the CBS website. Here’s how.

If you subscribe to CBS All Access through Apple TV Channels, you’ll automatically be able to watch CBS shows through television apps. It is accessible to users of iPhone, iPad, Mac, Amazon Fire, Roku and many more myriad different gadgets. There is a chance to save 50 percent on The TV+ bundle offered by CBS and Showtime. 

You may also own different equipment (like Android TVs and phones, or perhaps you have a Windows laptop) in which you want to watch CBS content. Specific CBS programming is not accessible through Channels. Channels experience, for instance, CBS streaming live sporting events. 

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How do I access and watch CBS All Access on Apple TV

CBS All Access is an online streaming service that includes the most popular films and shows. If you have an Apple TV, you can use the official CBS All Access app from the Apple Store. It’s easy to set up, and we’re here for you to get you started sooner! There are two options to authenticate your account; we’ve got the complete instructions to help you with this here. This is how you can install and activate your account. 

How to login CBS on Apple TV?

Get the CBS All Access app (opens in a new tab) from the Apple Store. It’s free!

  1. Launch this application for the Apple TV. 
  2. Choose Settings from the top right of your screen. 
  3. From here, you can choose the option of signing in manually or using the help of a code. 
  4. If you wish to log in by hand, enter your username and password and then press enter. 
  5. If you want to sign in with a code, visit on your browser. 
  6. Enter the code in the CBS All Access app on the page of the browser on the internet and then press confirm. 
  7. You’ve got it! If you’re signing by hand or using the help of a code and this is how you gain access. You must log into your CBS All Access account on Apple TV. 
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How to Activate CBS on Apple TV?

If you’re interested in activating CBS Sports on your Apple TV, Here are the steps to follow: 

  1. Open the Apple App Store. 
  2. Look up CBS Sports in the search bar. 
  3. Choose from the CBS Sports app and click Install. 
  4. Launch and open the CBS Sports app. 
  5. Input the code for activation. 
  6. Go to using any browser.
  7. You must enter the activation code from TV screen. 
  8. Choose the TV service you want to use. 
  9. Log in using your login credentials.
  10. Once verified, You can access CBS on Apple TV.